Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Barrie, ON

Since you can’t prevent most disasters, preparedness is crucial to your company’s survival after an unthinkable event. Glass Doctor® of Barrie urges you to not just plan for emergencies and disasters, but to plan for business recovery. Statistics show that companies with business continuity plans are more likely to get back on their feet than those that do not. To help you with your business recovery planning efforts, Glass Doctor of Barrie offers several programs including our Advance Measurement Plan and In-Stock Glass Program. 

Common Natural Disasters 

The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services state that most common disasters that residents and business owners are at risk for include: winter storms and thunderstorms.

By evaluating which disasters pose the biggest risks to your business, you can make a detailed emergency preparedness and business recovery plan for each threat. It’s also wise to include unexpected events, such as electrical fires, vandalism and busted pipes.

Advance Measurement 

Advance Measurement is a program that complements your existing business recovery and continuity plans. It assists by making the rebuilding efforts simpler.

When you sign up for the Advance Measurement system, Glass Doctor of Barrie will send a specialist to your business to take expert measurements and notate details about all the glass on your property. The glass specialist will use the measurements and notes to make a diagram of the property that indicates the location of glass items, like windows, doors and mirrors. You will receive a copy of the diagram for your emergency preparedness and business recovery kit, and we will keep one on file.

If the glass at your business breaks, the only things that you have to do is call and indicate the location of the broken glass using the diagram that the glass specialist made. If we have the particular glass in stock, glass specialists will replace the broken item right away. This is particularly convenient when dealing with broken windows because you won’t have to use boards to secure the building. Another benefit of the Advance Measurement system is that it saves money and time because we will usually repair broken glass in a single visit. 

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Increased safety and security: A fast replacement reduces the safety risk to your employees and customers. It also makes you less at risk for theft and vandalism.
  • Curb appeal: If we have the window glass that you need in stock, you won’t need to board up broken panes.
  • Convenience: The fast repair process allows for little to no down time, so you can resume normal business operations quickly.
  • Save money and time: Because we already have your measurements on file, we can begin the repair process right away and complete the installation in a single trip.

In-Stock Glass Program

If you find yourself needing to replace broken glass often, consider Glass Doctor of Barrie’s in-stock replacement program. With this program, we keep the glass items that break the most on your property in stock. By having the glass on hand, the replacement process is fast and simple.

The best time to create a business recovery plan is now. Contact Glass Doctor of Barrie today to schedule an appointment!