Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Barrie, ON

If your dining room needs to be rejuvenated, a stylish glass tabletop is the answer. A glass tabletop not only adds to the ambience of your room, but is also easy to clean and will protect your existing furniture.

Your Local Glass Experts

Glass Doctor® of Barrie specialists are your local, professional glass experts. When you decide to upgrade your decor with a glass tabletop, a member of our consulting team will visit you in your home, talk you through your options and measure for your installation. We provide professional insight into the wide range of details available to your pane; from different edgework details and tinting options to the myriad of safety options available.

A Multifunctional Solution for Almost Any Room

A glass tabletop doesn’t exclusively fit dining room decor, we’ve also fitted them for customers in studies, bedrooms and conference rooms. The wide range of shapes, sizes and styles means there’s a configuration to suit every setting. Guidance from our experts ensure you’ll find the perfect tabletop for any setting.

Choose Safety Glass for Extra Protection

To protect children and adults from harm, all our outdoor pieces are fitted with safety glass. This feature is also available for other custom glass tabletops if requested. Safety glass ensures that in the event of a breakage the glass shatters into small safe bits rather than large sharp shards. We also offer tinted glass which blocks the damaging UV rays that cause your furniture to fade.

Custom Glass Shelving

In addition to custom glass tabletops, Glass Doctor of Barrie supplies and installs custom glass shelving. These shelves are perfect for organizing your belongings in style. In addition to customizing the style, tint, and colour of your shelves, you can also configure their height to maximize the storage in your room. Don't settle for the one-size, store-bought shelving and tabletops. Select a customized option, installed by Glass Doctor of Barrie professionals! We're happy to meet with to discuss every option. Call for a consultation today.