Commercial Door Closer Service in Barrie, ON

Door closers play a significant role in your business day. They make it easier for new customers and clients to walk through your doors while showing your commitment to hospitality plus, they minimize the safety risks associated with heavy metal doors. At Glass Doctor® of Barrie, ON, we want to help you maximize these benefits with quick repairs, professional installations and plenty of proper door closer care.

As a locally owned business, Glass Doctor of Barrie, ON understands the importance of first impressions. That is why we offer the following services in order to help you get the most out of your manual door closers, from missing screws and oil leaks to misaligned arms and weak springs. Our mission is to get to the your of door closer problems and we will use our extensive training to correct and prevent future issues.

Diagnosing Difficult Locks

Tricky locks aren't just frustrating; they're downright unsafe. If a front or back door to your business is difficult to lock or unlock, you don't have full control over the security of your property. You may also face unnecessary costs later. Broken locks often damage the rest of your door and doorframe, especially if you have to force parts into place. Instead of struggling with a difficult lock and doing more damage, ask us to take a look. Our specialists will restore your security by diagnosing your locking difficulties and performing any necessary repairs or replacements.

Correcting Improper Installations

At Glass Doctor ® of Barrie, ON, we use precise tools and techniques to make sure our door closers are perfectly aligned. During your original installation, someone may have made errors that are now causing physical damage. Slight misalignments gradually get worse, and damage also happens when the wrong tools or screws are used. Look for frame damage, misaligned parts, unexpected movements, and gaps that weren't there originally. We will uninstall and reinstall your door closer to reverse any installation errors.

Repairing Leaks and Refilling Fluids

Your door closer will only work as intended if every piece is in the right place. As screws fall out and rings break, the oil within your door closer may begin to leak. We don't recommend replacing the oil yourself because we need to diagnose the source of the leak. It's also dangerous because low oil levels cause doors to slam shut and fly open. Leave it to our team of professionals to refill the oil, repair the leak and make sure the springs have the right amount of lubrication.

Door and Door Closer Care

Even if your door is installed correctly, wear and tear is inevitable. Glass Doctor® of Barrie, ON will help you maintain the components that make up your door, doorframe and door closer. We will inspect the springs and arms that provide support and traction, the screws and O-rings that prevent leaks and loose pieces, and the alignment of your door closer. We also repair and replace damaged door glass, hinges, frames, and other essential door hardware.

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