Custom Mirrors in Barrie, ON

Instantly brighten a room and give a space added depth with bespoke decor, such as a custom mirror. Glass Doctor® of Barrie provides Simcoe County homes with a variety of custom glass solutions that enable you to give any space unique personal touches that are unlike anything found at retail stores. Our glass specialists cut mirrors and glass surfaces into almost any shape imaginable, allowing you to truly personalize your home’s decor and instantly refresh any room's design. We’ll also install the custom mirror for you, so you’re never burdened with transporting and lifting heavy pieces.

Custom Decor to Make Spaces Appear Larger

Adding depth to a room doesn’t require an expensive remodel. Strategically placing mirrors will deliver the look and feel of a spacious room. Not only will a space appear larger, the mirror will reflect the natural and artificial light, making the area look brighter without the addition of extra lamps or windows. When you work with Glass Doctor of Barrie, a glass specialist will help you create the perfect custom decor using glass and provide guidance regarding the best places to hang custom mirrors. Homeowners in Barrie, New Tecumseh, Midland and the surrounding areas will benefit from our expertise. We commonly install:

  • Large mirrors: Mirrors that span from the floor to ceiling inside closets, hallways, washrooms and bedrooms
  • Statement mirrors: Large mirrors or a series of smaller mirrors that serve as focal points above headboards or fireplaces
  • Backsplash mirrors: Add depth and a touch of modern class to kitchens and washrooms

Showcase Art and Accentuate Home Decor

Make the artwork, photographs and decorative items in your home stand out with mirrors. Use mirrors to highlight your collectibles or create a point of interest in any space. You choose the size, tints, edge style, finish and frame on the piece. Add decorative mirrors in your home:

  • Mirrored shelving: Perfect for displaying art, collectibles and fragile items, as mirrors provide a 360-degree view of items you want to show-off but not have visitors handle
  • Hung mirrors: Use a mirror to gently direct light to a favourite piece in a collection or to amplify the lighting in a space
  • Framed mirrors: Hang framed mirrors among your collection of art and photographs to complement their look with a modern twist

Amplify Lighting

Boost the lighting in a room using custom mirrors, which instantly brighten a space. In addition to hanging mirrors, customers use mirrors on tabletops as decorative accents that produce a similar effect when there isn’t enough wall space. Other ways to increase the lighting in a room using mirrors include: Bedroom mirrors: Hang mirrors by nightstands, above dresses or on closet doors Mounted mirrors: Amplify lighting by hanging mirrors behind lamps, lanterns, sconces and other sources of light

Mirrors Made for You

Use custom decor to make your home look bigger, brighter and more engaging. A glass specialist will advise you on the perfect places to hang large mirrors so they’re functional and attractive. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of Barrie today to schedule an in-home consultation!