Door Closer Repair Service

Greet your customers and send them the right message with a door that works well and glides open smoothly. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County make this simple with door closer repair and maintenance services that ensure you create a great first impression the moment someone walks through the door.

The Role of Door Closers

A door closer is a device at the top of a manual door that makes it simple to open. It is normal to feel a bit a resistance when first opening a door, as this is an indication of the door's weight. After the initial resistance, the door closer allows a door to move almost effortlessly. When a user releases the door, the device gently returns it to the frame.

Signs You Need Door Closer Repair

Always hire an expert to install, repair and maintain a door closer. Failing to do so could void a device's warranty and compromise the safety of employees and customers. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County are familiar with regulations set by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, American National Standards Institute and other organizations that that set standards and best practices. Trust Our team to resolve common door closer problems.

Incorrect door closer installed: The best type of door closer depends on the type of mounting, door size and weight, volume of door traffic, opening type, building pressure conditions and the door's swing. Installing the wrong door closer poses a safety risk and may damage the door.

Installation mistakes and poor maintenance: Only a trained expert should install, maintain and repair a door closer. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County undergo comprehensive training in door closer repair, installation and maintenance to ensure the device's longevity and to prevent doorframe damage, misalignments and unsafe door movements.

Seal breaks and lubrication leaks: Clearance gaps caused by broken seals leave door closer hardware vulnerable and may cause lubricant leaks. If you notice a lubricant leak, this may be an indication of a mechanical problem. As a result, a door might close or open too quickly. A specialist from Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County will always check that your door closer has sufficient lubrication.

Door doesn't lock well: Your building is exposed to security risks if a door doesn't lock well. When a door closer causes locking difficulties, it might result in damage to the locking mechanism, doorframe or door closer.

Expert Door Closer Repair and Maintenance

Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County invites business owners in North Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Belle Glade and the surrounding area to participate in its door closer repair and maintenance program. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.