Glass Surface Protectant

In most homes, kitchens and bathrooms receive a significant amount of traffic and use. Consequently, porcelain, ceramic, tile, granite, and glass surfaces accumulate layers of soap sum, mineral deposits, calcium, and other residuals. In addition, surfaces of shower doors and tub enclosures become dull and lackluster from the buildup of soap, shampoo and bacteria, and the use of harsh chemicals to clean them. Eventually, these residuals make it difficult to clean surfaces properly and restore the original luster and shine. Glass Doctor® of Tucson offers our Clear Choice™ surface protectant. This glass surface protectant is based on a proprietary formula specifically designed to provide the protection you need for a variety of exposed surfaces. Clear Choice cleans, maintains and preserves hard and soft surfaces. Our surface treatment restores fragile finishes and makes them look new again.

Protect Your Assets

Hard water can lead to limescale, which is also referred to as hard calcium. This tough chalky off-white residue creates stains on glass, porcelain and granite surfaces. These stains accelerate the deterioration of surfaces and destroy the finish. Clear Choice protects your investment by forming a transparent barrier, which causes water and oil to bead. The surface of the object becomes water- and oil-resistant without altering the appearance of the object. Based on the degree of exposure, maintenance, scratches, and other factors, a single application of Clear Coat can last for up to five years.

Our high-quality surface treatment provides a remedy suitable for solving a number of problems, including:

  • Mineral buildup
  • Calcium deposits
  • Hard water
  • Weathering
  • Environmental elements

Reduce your cleaning time and eliminate a host of associated issues with Clear Choice. Whether you need to protect a new surface or an existing one, we can help!

The Advantages of Clear Choice Protectant

Our surface treatment not only shields and restores common household surfaces, such as tile, glass, quartz, and porcelain, but you can also use Clear Coat for your specialty panes, glass railings, patio furniture, and auto and marine glass.  No longer will it be necessary for you to stock an assortment of harmful and expensive products. Clear Coat offers many features and benefits, including;

  • Prevent water marks and lime scale
  • Reduce mold and mildew
  • Promote better hygiene
  • Make surfaces impact and scratch resistant
  • Reduce cleaning time and costs
  • Protect surfaces from scratches, stains and other damage
  • Revitalize surfaces and make them like new
  • Prolong lifespan of fixtures and other assets
  • Eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives

Our product is non-toxic and environmentally–friendly and will not harm you.

Using a glass surface protectant on the surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas in and around your home provides protection against a variety of common problems. Clear Choice is excellent for table tops, mirrors, shower doors, tub enclosures, sinks, porcelain, granite, windshields, and other glass-like surfaces. To receive more information on how our surface treatment can make your surfaces low-maintenance, protect finishes and save you time and money, schedule a consultation with the experts at Glass Doctor of Tucson today!