Emergency Home Window Repair

Glass Doctor® of Tucson fills a vital role in the community with our quick emergency home glass repair. Our emergency home window repair team is on call at all times and prepared to respond to your broken glass when the need arises, no matter the time of day or night.

These emergency home window repairs are most appreciated by clients late at night, on weekends and holidays, when most other businesses are unable to provide the assistance they require. At Glass Doctor of Tucson, 24/7 availability of our glass repair service means one quick call from you will start the process toward neutralizing your problem.

Emergency Glass Repair

Damaged glass requires immediate attention due to the safety and security risks produced by certain glass. Whether it’s a front window or sliding back doors, damaged glass becomes a definite security concern. Left unattended, this gap can be a welcoming site for inclement weather, pests or human intruders.

When one of our emergency response teams is dispatched to your location, the first order of business is to neutralize the safety risk by cleaning up and disposing of all broken glass debris to make the area safe again for occupants. Measurements are taken and, if the required glass is available, a repair can be made on the spot. Before work begins, you’ll be informed of estimated cost of the job, in line with our up-front pricing policy.

Emergency Board-Up

When a complete repair cannot be affected because the required replacement glass isn't immediately available and must be ordered or cut, you can rest assured that the security of your home and family are number one on our priority list. We'll seal and board up the breach in order to protect your belongings until such time as we can complete the needed repair. When the required glass becomes available, we'll contact you to set an appointment at your convenience to finish the job.