Home Window Repair

It seems like just about everyone faces a broken glass incident at one time or another, and obtaining quality window repair and replacement services becomes a necessity. Whether it’s a small, broken bathroom window or your patio door glass, Glass Doctor® of Tucson has the training and expertise to provide the perfect solution. Our specialists use only industry-approved materials and best practices. We’re certified glass repair specialists able to deal with virtually any type of broken glass situation.

Window Repair

Emergency Window Repair

When you're looking at a need for emergency home window repair you can rest assured that one call to Glass Doctor of Tucson will get bodies in motion immediately. We keep an emergency home window repair team on call at all times. These glass repair experts arrive ASAP, uniformed, able and ready to work.

We will clean up and dispose of any debris in the repair area, take measurements and calculate an upfront pricing cost figure for you. If possible, complete repairs will be accomplished on this initial visit. If needed materials aren't immediately on hand we'll seal and board up the breach left by the glass break.

Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane windows, which have become the current standard for residential use, require the seal that secures the spacer separating the two glass panes to remain intact to maintain its insulating capability. A faulty seal allows ambient air to enter the space between the panes, causing a milky-like discoloration or visible condensation in the window. We'll repair these windows by installing a new sealed glass unit while utilizing the existing frame. This will improve the window's appearance and insulating ability.

Specialty Glass Repair

Besides simple window repair and replacement, Glass Doctor of Tucson specializes in the installation and repair of various glass decor items, including: mirrors, shelves, tabletops, glass cabinets, shower doors and tub enclosures. We will also repair broken glass in garage doors or entry doors featuring glass panels.

Window Replacement

For those homeowners with older, inefficient windows, our certified glass specialists can help select the ideal replacement windows for your needs and provide professional installation.


Recently developed window enhancements can be selected to help improve your windows' efficiency. Low emissivity (Low-E) glass filters the sun's UV rays to help protect your furnishings from sun damage and to improve insulating capabilities. Upgraded windows can improve both your home's appearance and occupant comfort.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Our glass protectant, Hydrophobic Coating, can be applied to your home's hard surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic tile, granite and glass to protect them from scratches, hard water deposits, dirt buildup and environmental pollutants.

Window Tinting

Window tinting can be applied to help windows filter out the sun's damaging UV rays. This protects furnishings and also improves the window's insulating efficiency.

Window Component Repair

In addition to glass repair and replacement, our specialists are also trained to fix window components, to include the repair of difficult to operate windows. We'll also repair broken window locks, latches and balances.

Gain the Advantage

Clients enrolling in our unique Advantage Plan® can enjoy special services and discounts as well as priority scheduling. Benefits also include a free home inspection and breakage guarantee. For more info on these or any of our services call us or schedule an appointment online.