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Shower Door Installation


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Beautiful bathrooms complement any home, but most homeowners are not sure what elements of a bath area provide the best return on investment, either financially or aesthetically. One often-ignored element that adds both beauty and value is a glass shower and tub enclosure. No matter what type of tub or shower is present, the Glass Doctor® of Tucson experts offer an option to enhance any bath area.

The time to contact the glass professionals is before any work is started. When the design team is included in the process right from the start, the construction team won’t have any question about how to finish the area to accept the new frameless glass shower doors. When remodeling without changing any walls, the glass experts will carefully match the new tub or shower enclosure to the space available.

Considerations During A Bathroom Remodeling

When the time comes to select the best shower or bath door, the glass experts suggest homeowners keep a few things in mind.

  • Know what type of construction is used. Glass doors can be heavy, meaning proper support is essential for a safe shower door installation. Determine if the walls are wood, tile or drywall, which will affect installation costs.
  • Choose showerheads carefully. With today’s shower designs often using multiple showerheads, the door design should ensure the water remains in the tub or shower area even if the door is opened.
  • Measure carefully. That’s why including the experts early is so important. Even a minor measurement error will create shower door installation issues for the frameless glass shower doors or prevent the Glass Doctor of Tucson experts from providing an accurate estimate.
  • Include proper ventilation in the design. Mold and mildew are issues, even in dry regions like Tucson. Make sure exhaust systems are capable of removing the volume of moist air created by long showers or leisurely baths.

Bathroom Improvement

Different Types of Frameless Shower Doors

When selecting frameless glass shower doors, there are three basic types of door styles to consider.

  • Pivoting doors, also called swinging doors, open like a traditional door and are popular with many homeowners. They are easy to clean and present few maintenance issues.
  • Sliding shower and bath doors are very popular, especially in areas where there is little room to swing a door. They may require slightly more maintenance than pivoting doors.
  • Steam room kits form a tight seal, making any bath or shower area much like a steam spa at home. This is a great option the Glass Doctor of Tucson professionals will be happy to discuss.

Shower Idea Center

Review all the services provided by Glass Doctor of Tucson. Exploring all options before making any design decisions helps to ensure the finished bath will meet the family's needs. Go over your options by:

The first step for having the new bathroom is contacting the design team at Glass Doctor of Tucson. With their help, picking the ideal glass shower and tub enclosures for that exciting new space will be easy. To get started, contact Glass Doctor of Tucson today!