Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Tucson’s unique auto glass care system can be used to fix many glass cracks or chips, returning your once weakened glass back to its original strength and integrity. Our certified glass specialists are also trained to replace damaged vehicle mirrors, rear windows, side windows and sunroof units.

Windshield Repair

The windshield provides a certain amount of strength and structural integrity to the vehicle if involved in a front-end collision or rollover accident. Having just a small crack or a chip in the windshield will reduce its effectiveness in helping to protect you. Cracks or chips that can be successfully repaired should be fixed as soon as possible to lessen any unnecessary risks.

Here at Glass Doctor of Tucson we always recommend repair rather than replacement if appropriate, and our well-known auto glass care system usually provides a total fix in about an hour, either at our facility or at a location that’s convenient for you. Insurance companies appreciate our low-cost windshield repair process because it saves them the expense of having to pay for a whole new windshield. Often they will even pay the deductible in order to reward you for obtaining a repair rather than a replacement. We'll also assist you in filing the necessary claims with your insurance carrier.

Windshield Replacement

In situations where windshield damage appears to be minor, but repair isn't a viable option, Glass Doctor of Tucson will install a new windshield of equal or greater quality than the original and will include the same options such as built-in sensors or antennas. As members of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), we adhere to the highest industry standards, using accepted best practices and approved materials exclusively. The following conditions are examples of minor damage where glass repair is not recommended:

  • A crack greater than 3" in length or a chip more than 3/8" in diameter
  • The crack or chip is close to the windshield's edge
  • The chip or crack is in the driver's sight line
  • The damage has gone untreated for too long, allowing dirt buildup to make a good repair unlikely

Other Automobile Glass

Unlike front windshields, which are laminated and often repairable, the other glass on your car or truck is tempered safety glass and cannot be repaired. This glass is designed to crumble into small, safe pieces when impacted, making replacement the only option.

Our glass replacement specialists are trained to assist you in the replacement of any and all glass in your vehicle, including the sunroof, mirrors, windows and rear windshield.

Our Full Protection Promise

Our series of windshield replacement guarantee plans starts with the Windshield Protection Plan, which comes standard and at no cost with each windshield replacement. For a slight additional charge, you can add the Future Installation Option or the Value Package. For more information on auto glass repair or any of our other glass specialties, contact Glass Doctor of Tucson today or schedule an appointment online.