Window Replacement Materials

Window Replacement Materials

When it comes to window replacement, Seattle Glass Doctor offers a wide variety of options for window material.

Picture of a replacement window

Fiberglass: As a newer, more eco-friendly choice, fiberglass windows use post-consumer and recycled glass. They are strong, long lasting and more durable than aluminum or vinyl.

  • Pros – Don't shrink, warp, rot, sag or succumb to termites. Glass like properties insulate and reduce air leakage.
  • Cons – Up to 30% more expensive than an average vinyl window.

Vinyl: Affordable, efficient, popular and available in many colors and styles, vinyl is a common choice for Seattle windows.

  • Pros – Affordable, long lasting and versatile. Paintable and stainable synthetic surfaces available in a woodgrain style. Doesn't take long to install.
  • Cons – Potentially challenging when installers are not properly trained.

Wood: Wooden widows preserve the particular look of historic homes, and make use of a classic and popular material.

  • Pros – Lots of potential to fit a variety of styles; rustic or elegant. Can be stained or painted to match other wood.
  • Cons – Requires protectants and chemical guards to prevent weathering and insect trouble. Potentially challenging to install, and need renovation every 10-15 years.

Aluminum: Popular in the 1950s as the first wood alternative, and is still used on office buildings and other commercial locations.

  • Pros – No need for paint or stain, and very durable. Also excellent at reducing noise levels.
  • Cons – Poor insulators, so typically not recommended for homes.

Cellular PVC: This form of vinyl that is twice as strong and more flexible than the regular variety. Handles like wood as far as ability to be sawn or detailed.

  • Pros – Unaffected by insects, moisture and warping. Less expensive than wood, and superior as far as durability and insulation are concerned.
  • Cons – Any custom variation needs to be specially ordered, and it is more expensive than regular vinyl and wood.