Reliable Security Glass for Your Business

At Glass Doctor® of Seattle, we understand how important it is for business owners to protect their assets. Many commercial businesses use our glass to build aesthetically pleasing spaces to attract customers and clients. While our glasswork does do a great job of inviting new customers in, it can also leave your commercial building vulnerable to threats.

Looters and rioters are attracted to glass windows and doors because they are easy to destroy. Repairing or replacing a door or window could be costly and cause your business to be shut down for an extensive period. That is why at Glass Doctor of Seattle, we offer a variety of security glass options.

Security glass elevates the safety of your space, without taking away from the look of your business. Our security glass is invisible, virtually indestructible, and bullet resistant. It provides an extra layer of protection so that your merchandise, employees, and assets remain out of harm's way. If you choose to install one of our security glass options, then we can fit it into your existing glass doors and windows. This glass can also be retrofitted, which reduces installation time, and saves you money.

What is Security Glass?

Our security glass is designed to withstand damage from harmful events such as ballistic threats, hurricanes, forced entry and bomb blasts. The framing of our glass has the ability to absorb the shock of high levels of kinetic energy. This, in conjunction with our indestructible infills, allows the shock waves from attacks to disperse towards the edges, which minimizes the weakening of your door or window. This protective glass is also customizable to your business needs.

Customizable Security Glass Options:

  • Clear
  • Reflective
  • One-Way Mirror
  • Translucent White Interlayer
  • Tint
  • Wire Glass
  • Insulating Units
  • Low-E

Our security glass offers incredibly strong protection, but it is also lightweight and can fit into most doors and windows.  This is a maximum protection security solution, meaning you can focus on what matters: running your business.

Security Glass vs Security Film

Security film window tinting delays access to your commercial business and allows for more privacy. It assists with deterring thieves from entering your building and enhances the protection from glass shards. However, it does not prevent your window or door from shattering when damage occurs. The use of these two services together will assist in increasing the security and safety of your building.

Business Types that Can Benefit from Additional Glass Security

Several local businesses in the Seattle area can benefit from using security glass. Not only does it provide comfort to the owner to know that their building is secure, but it lets customers know they are safe while patronizing your location.

Locations include:

  • Campuses
  • Retail Shopping Stores
  • Commercial Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Religious Facilities
  • Event Centers
  • Medical Centers
  • Media Building

Types of Protective Glass

Glass Doctor of Seattle offers a variety of protective glasses for you to choose from. Each type of protective glass provides a unique feature that may assist with keeping your business more secure.

  • Security Glass – Our flagship product. It is an invisible glazing shield that is mounted in front of your existing window and glass doors to help prevent forced entry.
  • Ballistic and Forced Entry Glass – Deters entering the building and shooting into the building – available in crystal clear low iron, tinted and one-way mirror.
  • Security Glass Doors - Combines elegance and style with strength. These doors are designed to meet the demands of both security and design. High-level security without compromising aesthetics.

Security Glass Near You

If you are ready to enhance security at your place of business, then consider working with our team. One of our specialists will assist you every step of the way during this process. They will help you determine your security needs, discuss your goals, and establish which security solution would work best for your business. Schedule your appointment with Glass Doctor of Seattle today.