Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Forget one-size-fits-all store-bought furnishings out of a box. Custom glass by Glass Doctor® of Seattle is your key to style, beauty and functionality for your life. Our experts will work closely with you and your family to design, build and install glass tabletops and shelves that meet your home's needs precisely.

Glass Tabletops

The Glass Doctor of Seattle team will guide you to great ideas for incorporating glass tables in any room. Glass tabletops are great for dining tables, writing desks, coffee tables, conference room tables and outdoor patio furniture. Our specialists know all the tricks for getting the most out of them.

Details make all the difference in custom glass tabletops and details are our specialty. Our team will help you pick the perfect type and size glass for your table, and then we'll cut it to your precise needs. But that's just the start. After we've cut your glass, we'll add the perfect finishing touch to the edges. Choose from several designs, including flat edges, straight edges, rounded edges and beveled edges.

Ask Glass Doctor of Seattle specialists for advice on tinting options for your table. Adding the right shade of tint to your table can add a touch of style to your pane while also helping protect the table, carpet and other furnishings from the sun's harmful UV rays. Our experts have the experience you can trust for great ideas about tinting.

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom Shelving

Glass shelves add function and style to any room, and the Glass Doctor of Seattle specialists know how to get the most for your home. Our specialists will give you plenty of ideas for installing glass shelves seamlessly into your decor. We'll make sure your shelves aren't too high, low, large or small. When you let the Glass Doctor of Seattle crew work at your side to create glass shelves, you can relax knowing you've made wise decisions.

Safety Is Always Our Priority

Glass Doctor of Seattle specialists will tell you if your glass tabletop or shelf is best made from laminated glass that safely shatters on hard impact. This glass option is a good choice for furnishings that will be used mostly outdoors in pool and patio areas. Or perhaps you will need a lightweight glass in areas that will be frequented by children. Glass Doctor of Seattle specialists will give you the best advice available to keep your family and visitors safe.

Also, our professional installation assures your glass shelves will retain their structural integrity for years, something you can't always be certain of when you install store-bought shelves on your own.

Call Glass Doctor of Seattle today to arrange an in-home visit about your home decor needs. We're ready when you are.