Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

A cracked, shattered or broken window is a matter of urgency; until it’s repaired your home, belongings and family are at risk. Thankfully, the team at Glass Doctor® of Seattle are on hand to help you secure your premises and clear up any glass that might create a health risk for you and your loved ones. If any piece of glass in your home is damaged you can call our team day or night, and they will provide expert assistance.

24/7 Emergency Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Seattle provides a range of emergency glass repair services for residents throughout King County. We believe that customers shouldn’t have to put up with their concerns for a broken window until the morning which is why we offer a truly 24/7 service and have team members ready to respond to an emergency call at any time, even in the early hours of the morning.

Don’t suffer a broken night’s sleep worrying about your window and the security of your home when a member of our team will come out at any time to fix your window and relieve you of your worry.

Fast & Professional Service

All our team members are fully equipped to deal with your broken window and to clear up any broken glass that may have fallen inside or outside your home. Our specialists will arrive promptly and attempt to repair the damage. If you require specialty panes or pieces, we will board up your window quickly, ensuring a minimal disruption to your day. Once measurements have been taken and the boarding-up process completed our team will make an appointment to return and do a full repair.

Prompt Repair & Replacement Services

Glass Doctor of Seattle will always repair your glass where possible but many home breakages do result in a full replacement of the damaged pane. New panes can be made to any size and the process is quick, ensuring that you don’t have your home boarded up for long. Regardless of whether your window is single pane, double pane or even triple pane, we can have a replacement made that when installed will match your other windows perfectly.

We are the answer to your glass emergencies. Call Glass Doctor of Seattle today at 855-971-9636 and a member of our team will give you advice and arrange a service appointment. In addition to emergency glass repair we also perform a full range of glass service for businesses and even glass for your car. Speak to one of our representatives today to find out more.