Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass has the remarkable ability to transform space with light and color; glass tabletops are a creative way to bring custom glass decor into your home or office. At Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, our specialists are skilled at creating custom decor pieces that are a beautiful and easy way to give existing furniture a new look. We also make custom tops for unique table bases. We offer every shape, size, color and edge imaginable. Ask our team to provide professional, full-service installation at your home or office.

Every custom decor item we make is of the highest quality and is designed to bring an elegant touch to any room. Choose patterned, frosted or etched glass for a distinctive look that’s sure to impress! We take great pride in each item we create and promise you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Tabletop Protection

If you want to make an affordable, luxurious improvement to your home or office decor, glass tabletops for your existing furniture are the perfect choice. Glass tops are most popularly used to protect wood, metal or other non-glass surfaces on dining tables, desks and coffee tables from scratches, stains and water spots. From a flat polished oval dining room tabletop to a beveled-edge round patio design, Glass Doctor of Newmarket has every type of tabletop, and each piece we make is guaranteed to have a perfect fit.

Annealed glass is usually sufficient for protective tops, but we also offer tempered glass for added safety, a terrific option if there are younger, active kids in the home.

Custom Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom glass tabletops are stunning when added to bases or legs made of glass, wood, metal or stone. Stand-alone glass tabletops are usually thicker than protective tabletops and should be tempered for added strength and safety. Preferred edges are flat polished or beveled, depending on your style preference. Consider using decorative glass to brighten the piece, choose textured, clear or tinted glass.

Patio Tabletops

Add beauty to your outdoor space with a glass tabletop. Tempered glass is always recommended for outdoor use, and we suggest flat polish, pencil polish or beveled polish edges for all patio tables. Don’t forget to order an umbrella hole if necessary!

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving adds elegance and style to any room. We offer a wide range of high-quality styles designed to add beauty and a sense of space throughout your home. Display treasured mementos and photographs, or add sophisticated storage in your kitchen to show off a pottery collection. Just one small glass shelving unit can dramatically open up a space, particularly in bathrooms or powder rooms. Our custom glass shelving options include a range of colors and thicknesses, as well as custom edgeworks.

Custom Glass Decor

Homeowners in Newmarket, Bradford, Aurora and the surrounding area trust Glass Doctor of Newmarket with all their custom decor needs. Contact one of our specialists today to see how we can bring the perfect touch of glass to your home or office!