Door Closer Repair Service in Newmarket, ON

You have one opportunity to make a great first impression. Greet your customers with great customer service by ensuring your business’ door always opens smoothly and effortlessly. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket makes this simple with door closer repair and maintenance services that ensure your doors and those who walk through them are safe.

What Door Closers Do

A manual door closer makes a door simple to open, while the mechanics within it automatically swing a door shut. When a door closer works well, a user will feel some resistance when opening a door, which indicates the door’s weight. The resistance is only temporary, as the door should glide open. After the customer releases the door, the closer returns the door to its frame.

Reasons for a Door Closer Repair

Wrong Door Closer Type

A door’s weight determines the type of closer it needs. Installing the wrong type of door closer poses safety risks to users. It could also lead to misalignments and other types of damage within the device or to the door itself.

Poor Installations and Maintenance

Only an experienced specialist should install and maintain a door closer, as well as perform door closer repair services, to maximize the device’s life and ensure its safety. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Newmarket receive specialized training to install, maintain, repair and adjust the springs on door closers to prevent:

  • Unexpected door movements
  • Misalignments
  • Damaged doorframes

Broken Seals and Lubricant Leaks

When seals on door closers break, it creates clearance gaps that leave hardware vulnerable, which could result in lubricant leaks. In general, lubricant leaks are the result of mechanical problems in a door closer. Always ask an expert from Glass Doctor of Newmarket to add lubricant to a door closer. Without sufficient lubrication, a door may open or close too quickly and cause injuries.

Difficulty Locking the Door

Doors that don’t lock pose security risks. At the same time, difficult locks might damage a door closer, doorframe or the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Repair and Maintenance Services

Always hire an expert to perform door closer repairs and maintenance, especially if the door closer is newer. Having an untrained individual service the device may accidentally void an active warranty. The experienced specialists at Glass Doctor of Newmarket undergo extensive training to ensure the door closers they service are safe and reliable.

Glass Doctor of Newmarket invites businesses in Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and the surrounding area to participate in it's door closer repair and maintenance program. The program keeps door closers in top condition, and our specialists expertly repair glass, doorframes and door-related hardware. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your business.