Custom Mirrors

Improve the ambiance of your home with custom mirrors made and installed by seasoned glass specialists. Bespoke mirrors increase your home's aesthetic appeal and market value simultaneously. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket has years of combined experience working with each client's individual style and taste, we will make your dream home a reality.

Create a Greater Sense of Space

Make otherwise cramped spaces look and feel more spacious with carefully placed custom mirrors. Natural and artificial light will be dispersed by the mirror, ensuring that all corners of a space receive abundant light. Family and friends will love the warm, inviting character a few well placed mirrors will give to your home. Our glass specialists will create custom mirrors in framed, tiled or other styles to accommodate your needs.

Consider adding these mirrors to increase the appeal of your home:

  • Statement mirrors: When placed above bedroom headboards, mantles or fireplaces, statement mirrors will look wonderful.
  • Mirrored wall: Useful in cramped areas such as hallways, a mirrored wall will add create the illusion of depth and space.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Enhance kitchen areas and washroom sinks.

Showcase Home Decor and Art

Highlight the unique characteristics of your home decor and creative style with well-placed mirrors. Glass Doctor of Newmarket will create glass decor to suit a wide array of applications. We discuss your edging, finish, tint and frame options, so you are able to pick the options that best suit your needs.

Add intrigue to any space with these custom mirror options:

  • Hanging mirrors: Create a focal point in the room with a large, decorative hanging mirror.
  • Mirrored shelves: An excellent choice for showing off collectibles, statues, antiques or other cherished items.
  • Framed mirrors: Add an element of sophistication to your washroom, bedroom or living room with ornate framed mirrors.

Encourage Flow of Natural or Artificial Light

Mirrors placed strategically throughout your house will bounce light from room to room, creating a more warm and inviting space. Creative concepts like mirrored tabletops or mounted mirrors are increasingly popular.

Improve the lighting in your house with these custom mirrors:

  • Mounted mirrors: Useful for amplifying the luminosity of lanterns or desk lamps.
  • Strategically placed mirrors: These mirrors are excellent at reflecting light from a nearby window to improve the lighting of any room.

Impressive Custom Mirror Ideas

Glass Doctor of Newmarket will install full-length mirrors for your walk-in closest or entryways. These mirrors are perfect for checking your attire before going out. No matter the style of your home, our seasoned specialists will cut custom mirrors accented and framed according to your specifications.

Explore various full-length mirror options such as:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Take a quick look at your clothes before heading out the door.
  • Framed mirrors:Install a custom mirror within an ornate frame to improve the appeal of washrooms, vanity mirrors or hallways.

Completely change the look and feel of your house with custom mirrors.Contact Glass Doctor of Newmarket today! Our glass specialists are happy to perform an onsite consultation and discuss renovation options with you.