Professional Industry Glass Services in Kansas City

a male Glass Doctor service professional standing in front of Glass Doctor van with a ladder on top of it Commercial glass can assist with enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a commercial facility. When customers enter a building, the glasswork is the first thing they see, so having well-maintained and modern glass is essential. At Glass Doctor of Kansas City, we understand how glass installations affect your business's image, security, and operation.

We offer various commercial glass services to help a wide range of businesses ensure that they are making a lasting impression on their customers. Whether you are remodeling, need door closer maintenance, or glass upgrades, our team of skilled service professionals is here to assist you with every step. Learn more about our professional industry glass solutions that can transform your business.

Types of Commercial Glass Services

At Glass Doctor of Kansas City, our team of expert service professionals can assist business owners with various commercial glass projects. Some of our service projects include:

Industries We Service

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Kansas City will help increase residents' living experience and update your building's curb appeal. When you contact our team about glass services for an apartment building, we can complete projects like:

  • Bringing natural light into living rooms with patio or sliding glass doors.
  • Install insulated glass window units to increase energy efficiency.
  • Upgrade bathrooms with custom mirror products.
  • Install safety glass and custom mirrors for showers and locker rooms in the gym.

If you choose our team to complete your apartment building glasswork, we will give your residents a 15% discount on auto glass care services.


Some factors that affect the success of a restaurant include ambiance, safety, and design. At Glass Doctor of Kansas City, we assist with creating an excellent atmosphere for your restaurant with our glasswork. Some of the types of services we provide for restaurants are:

  • Installing decorative or tinted glass to set the mood.
  • Creating a new glass atrium for an impressive design addition.
  • Providing outdoor glass solutions like safety glass partitions and windbreaks.
  • Designing sneeze guards for protecting your restaurant's buffet area.

Schools and Universities

Our team can work with schools and universities to create functional modern glass elements. Some of the services that we have completed for educational institutions include:

  • Creating glass classroom windows and doors.
  • Producing custom-cut glass tabletops and desktops for faculty lounges.
  • Installing one-way observation glass for increased privacy.
  • Providing protective glazing and fire-resistant glass solutions to keep faculty and students safe.

Retail Locations

When customers walk through the door of a retail location, they want to feel comfortable and safe. Glasswork can assist with creating a great environment that will keep shoppers in your store for hours. Some of the glassworks we have done for retail locations are:

  • Retrofitting or replacing glass, windows, and entry doors with Low-E panes.
  • Modernizing your interior with glass shelves and dressing room mirrors.
  • Installing fire and bulletproof glass.

Hotels and Motels

Glass Doctor of Kansas City can help you improve your guest's stay with our custom glass projects. Our goal is to encourage guests to stay longer and return often. Some of the ways we have assisted hotel and motel owners include:

  • Installing decorative wall mirrors over the sink or vanity.
  • Modernize your bathrooms with glass shower enclosures and frameless shower doors.
  • Providing safety glass and mirrors around pools and workout areas.

Cities and Municipalities

Cities and Municipalities' buildings have hundreds of people walking through them daily. It's essential to keep the glass maintained and secure. Our team can help cities and municipalities in various ways like:

  • Door closer maintenance repair
  • Entryway repair or replacement
  • Providing glass for remodeling or new construction.

Commercial Care Program

Local businesses in the Kansas City area can benefit from our Commercial Care program. Members receive many premium benefits, including:

  • Priority After-Hours Response
  • Discounted Emergency Board-up Service
  • Commercial Account Set-up
  • Membership Pricing on All Work
  • A 15% Discount on All Auto Jobs Called in by the Property.

If you want to enroll your business in our Commercial Care program, please get in touch with our team today.

Industry Glass Services Near Me

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FAQs about Industry Glass Solutions

What industries require specialized glass solutions?

Various industries, including retail, hotels, schools, apartment buildings, and restaurants, can require specialized glass solutions. 

How do I know which type of glass is right for my industry?

At Glass Doctor of Kansas City, we are here to help you as you navigate through your glass project. One of our service professionals will walk you through the process and recommend the best glass for your project.