Advance Measurement System for Business Glass Repairs in Kansas City

Glass Doctor® of Kansas City helps you to expedite your business' glass repairs with our Advance Measurement system. Our glass specialists will measure all of your business' glass, including doors, windows, shelves and mirrors, and take note of glass types and safety glass code requirements. With this information, we create a numbered diagram of your business that helps us to efficiently replace your glass.

Quick Emergency Repairs

When glass breaks, call our office any time of day and let us know the number on the diagram that corresponds with the broken pane of glass. We'll check the diagram and our in-stock supply. If we have the glass on hand, we will replace it immediately, saving you time and money while avoiding an unsightly board-up. Setting up this proactive glass care account also gives us your contact and credit information to speed up the replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If your glass is prone to frequent breakage, let us know. We can pre-order glass for our Advance Measurement customers, so it's ready for you when you need it.

Benefits of Proactive Glass Care

Signing up for our proactive glass care program has many benefits. For instance, you'll save money and time, because we can install the new glass in one easy trip. Quick repairs mean your business is at decreased danger for theft or vandalism, and you'll avoid unsightly and time-consuming board-ups. Your daily business will be uninterrupted, and because you've pre-established your credit with us, you'll avoid any billing conflicts.

Don't wait until your business' glass is broken! Contact the Glass Doctor of Kansas City team today to set up the Advance Measurement program, and know that we're looking out for your business.