Glass Shower Door Installation from Glass Doctor of Kansas City

Your bathroom should speak to your tastes and create an atmosphere of comfort. A glass frameless shower door or tub enclosure elevates your bathroom's design and overall space; plus, installing a frameless shower enclosure raises your entire home's value. Glass Doctor® of Kansas City will create a master bathroom that reflects your needs and style desires. Our custom glass installations allow you to:

  • Improve ventilation
    Showers rooms that are entirely tiled benefit from our glass steam room kits. Our team will check non-tiled bathrooms to ensure ventilation is effective.
  • Increase privacy
    Choose from a variety of glass patterns that obscure views without the need for a curtain.
  • Complement with color
    Make your bathroom pop with colored glass, available in shades that range from bright blue azuria to demure gray smoke.
  • Open up small spaces
    Instead of closing off your tub with a plastic curtain that attracts mildew; open up the entire space with clear glass. A sliding glass shower door also saves space, because it doesn't need to swing out into the bathroom.

a woman standing in front of a glass shower door holding on the frame of the door Custom Shower Upgrades

At Glass Doctor of Kansas City, our specialists are experts at breathing new life into old bathrooms. To completely transform your bathroom without the cost and inconvenience of a full renovation, allow our team to install a new shower door.

We offer sliding doors, hinged doors that open outward, swinging saloon-style doors that come in pairs and frameless glass doors that create a distinctly modern aesthetic.

Glass Tub Enclosures Upgrades

With our design expertise and customized details, even the most basic tubs become building blocks in spa-quality glass tub enclosures. Depending on your bathroom's dimensions and your own tastes, we'll surround your tub with a glass enclosure that's sturdy yet stylish.

Shower Door & Tub Enclosure Idea Center

Get started on your own personal oasis today. Use our links to inspire your shower door and tub enclosure designs.

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