Door Closer Repair Service in Kansas City

Every business relies on customer service to build a positive reputation. If your customer service is bad, your reputation will be too, which will make it difficult to be successful. If you are a business owner, then you know that customer service begins the moment a customer steps through your door.

Keeping this in mind, having a door that functions properly and safely is vital to creating a positive first impression on your customers. At Glass Doctor of Kansas City,® we offer manual door closer care that includes repair and maintenance service, ensuring the safety of your commercial doors and the customers who walk through them.

How A Door Closer Works

By installing a door closer, your door will be easy to open and close no matter how heavy they might be. A door closer that's properly installed will provide minor resistance as the user opens the door, providing them with an idea of how heavy the door is. After the initial resistance, the door will easily glide open. Once resistance is no longer applied by the user, the door will return gently return to its frame with the help of the door closer's spring.

Door Closer Care

Our team is familiar with a variety of door closers and have seen how poor installation or maintenance affects business operation. If you suspect your door closer is malfunctioning as our team to diagnose the problem. We will restore your closers to improve your business. Consider these common door closer problems:

Wrong types of door closers: If you have a heavier door, it's going to need a door closer featuring stronger springs. A door with the wrong type of door closer installed is a safety risk to your customers and your employees. Not only can it result in injury, it can cause misalignments and damage to both the door and the closer.

Poorly installed and adjusted equipment: Our specialists will install and maintain your door closers using the proper tools to ensure that they last as long as possible and remain in good working condition. Professional door closer installation, maintenance and spring adjustment will help to prevent:

  • Damage to your doorframe
  • Misalignment of your door
  • Unexpected movements of your door

Seal repairs and low oil levels: A broken seal can lead to lubricant leaks as well as expose clearance gaps and leave your hardware vulnerable. If your door closer is leaking oil, it most likely means that there is a mechanical problem, such as a filed seal, broken O-ring or a missing screw. The oil in your door closer should be replaced by a professional. The lack of lubrication can result in your door opening and closing too quickly, which creates a safety risk.

Difficult to lock doorways: A door that isn't locking properly is a potential security risk. A malfunctioning lock could also negatively affect your doorframe's condition, the door closer and the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If your door closer isn't functioning properly, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Unprofessional repairs could void the door closer warranty. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Kansas City are extensively trained to provide comprehensive door closer care. We will ensure that your door and all of its components will remain in good working condition and that it remains safe to use. Our specialists are also trained to provide assistance with glass repairs, hinges, door frames, thresholds and other hardware.

To schedule an onsite consultation, contact us at Glass Doctor Kansas City today!