Custom Glass & Mirrors For Home Decor in Kansas City

Every home today uses glass in functional applications, but for those looking to add minimalist simplicity or delicate elegance, glass decor can be much more. Glass home decor allows light to pass through and reflects rays, creating a cheerier atmosphere. In almost every part of your Kansas City home, there is a place for glass decor.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

There is nothing like glass shelves to show off and protect the treasures within without obscuring the beauty. Glass Doctor® of Kansas City also provides custom glass tabletops for existing or new furniture.

Our glass comes in a large range of standard sizes, but our specialists can create custom pieces to fit your desired design and specifications. From the simplest design to detailed glasswork with tints and edgework, you will be able to choose the best options for your Kansas City home.

Our glass specialists will come to your home or office to measure and provide you with custom glass solutions to fit your desire. We provide recommendation and instructions on post-installation maintenance.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors have the added benefit of opening a room and making it feel larger. Glass Doctor of Kansas city offers custom-cut mirrors for your home with a variety of designs and shapes. 

  • Installed as full walls
  • Mirror doors for closets
  • Sized to fill existing frames
  • Wall mount mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors

Whether you would like to add a full glass wall or a small home decor accent, Glass Doctor of Kansas City will cut a mirror the exact size you need and can finish it with tints, edge details and more. 

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Whether you want to add curb appeal and privacy with new decorative doorlites or just need to replace a broken door or window insert, the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Kansas City provides assistance.

For any door glass or glass insert, we carry a product for that space.

  • Between glass blinds
  • Coordinated door panes and side windows
  • All-weather glass that meets or exceeds regulations
  • Heat resistant glass for energy efficiency
  • Break resistant and hurricane-rated glass

Western Reflections is one of the best manufacturers of exquisite doorlites and patio doors with products bonded with a 20-year warranty. We are happy to offer their line as early as the next business day when needed, and our workmanship is guaranteed.

Low-E Glass Windows

Change the ambiance in your Kansas City home by allowing light into your Kansas City home, however the sun’s rays can be harmful and can fade window treatments, carpets, wall coverings and furniture. It can also affect the temperature in your home and allow unwanted heat into your home. 

Glass Doctor of Kansas City provides low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to prevent the sun from damaging the interior of your home while allowing light into your home. Low-E glass is treated with a thin metallic or transparent layer that reflects and filters incoming light. Low-E glass windows reduce UV rays and light transfer by 10%. 

Schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Kansas City to learn more about our custom glass solutions.