Double Pane Window Repair by Glass Doctor of Kansas City

All homes experience varying temperature changes, which takes a toll on windows. Windows are the primary source of temperature exchange in any building. If they are not sealed properly, drafts will make the occupants uncomfortable and increase energy costs. Glass Doctor® of Kansas City will install insulated glass units (IGUs) in your home to regulate the interior temperature and climate. Even double pane windows succumb to drafts if seals break. If you notice condensation between the panes or a milky appearance, it is time to call our experts.

Benefits of Insulated Glass

double pane window

The main purpose of insulated glass is to keep out the elements and in the climate-controlled air. This saves homeowners money, as your HVAC system will run less often, both in the summer and winter.

An IG unit is made up of two glass pieces, and a spacer to insulate and separate the glass. Spacers are generally filled with a material called desiccant, which absorbs moisture. Once the glass pieces and spacer are installed, the perimeter is sealed to help prevent condensation between the glass.

Insulated Glass Replacement

One of our specialties at Glass Doctor of Kansas City is IGU replacement. It is not always necessary to replace the whole window. Our professionals install pane replacements within your existing frames.

Contact Glass Doctor of Kansas City today to talk to one of our specialists. Find out how we can meet your needs and your budget for your double pane windows.