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Rest assured that Glass Doctor® of Des Moines can fulfill most windshield and window replacement and repair needs for homes, businesses, and cars in the greater Des Moines area. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve Des Moines, Ankeny, West Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Our local experts utilize glass to your advantage by installing high-quality glass solutions in your homes, restoring the structural integrity that windows provide for your car, and providing 24/7 emergency support for your business and home in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whether it's designing and installing custom glass shelving or tabletops, or simply enhancing your bathroom with custom-built shower doors and enclosures, we are committed to providing top quality services. Your vehicle can also benefit from our auto glass care services that include window, mirror, and windshield repairs and replacements.

We're committed to fulfilling your glass needs. Fill out our online form or call (515) 727-4277 to schedule an appointment or on-site consultation with our service professionals.

Fill out our online form or call (515) 727-4277 to schedule an appointment for your car or on-site consultation for your home or business with our specialists.

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Windshield Protection Plan
Windshields are ranked as the #1 insurance claim in the United States. At Glass Doctor of Des Moines, we understand that the occurrence of a crack or chip on your windshield is almost always unpreventable and frustrating, especially if you have recently replaced your windshield in the past year. It can feel extremely inconvenient to go to a shop to get it fixed or replaced. That's why every windshield replacement done by Glass Doctor of Des Moines is backed and covered by our Windshield Protection Plan. The Windshield Protection Plan covers a single replacement or unlimited repairs within 12 months of the original windshield installation plan.

Residential Window Repair and Replacement
A damaged window can pose a risk to your family's safety, increase your energy bill, and threaten further damage to your home. To mitigate these risks and gain peace of mind, immediately schedule a glass repair or replacement with the skilled glass service professionals at Glass Doctor of Des Moines. Our local glass experts are committed to re-energizing your home in a timely and cost-effective manner with fresh windows, precise window repairs, custom-built shower enclosures, and top quality double pane windows.

Enroll Your Business in Glass Doctor's Advanced Measurement System
Glass Doctor of Des Moines is committed to helping your business prepare for glass emergencies with our Advance Measurement System. When your business enrolls in our Business Recovery Plan, our specialists will visit your business to take detailed measurements of all the glass in your facility and will save those detailed measurements on file. If or when the glass in your business is chipped, broken, or cracked, those measurements saved on file will allow us to arrive promptly with accurately sized glass ready for an efficient installation.

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Home Glass

Home Glass

Create a luxurious spot of relaxation with the help of expert glass installation services from Glass Doctor of Des Moines. From frameless shower doors to unique window designs, our team can create a new ambience for your bathroom. Don’t be limited in the transformation process, take advantage of our ability to customize your glass.

Home Glass Services

Auto Glass

Auto Glass

Our team will always try to repair your chipped windshield first, saving you time and money, and preventing the need to dispose of an entire windshield. If your windshield does need to be replaced, our glass specialists will replace it with industry standard glass. Trust Glass Doctor of Des Moines with your vehicle.

Auto Glass Services

Business Glass

Business Glass

Glass Doctor of Des Moines appreciates your company’s business. We are a locally owned company offering a commercial care discount of up to 15 percent for all auto glass services called in by the property. Take advantage and call today for an appointment.

Business Glass Services

Window Repair and Replacement

Window Repair and Replacement

When condensation appears on the inside of your window, it’s time to call a glass expert. Our glass specialists are fully trained to install, repair and replace all windows in your home. Instead of replacing the entire window, our experts check to see if they can just replace the pane. We have several insulated glass options, also called insulated glass units, which can increase the value of your home and reduce your energy bills. You can rely on our team to fix your windows correctly and save you money.

Window Repair and Replacement

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