Storefront Doors

Your storefront is one of the most powerful tools you have to attract new customers. A clean, well lit storefront invites customers into your business, while a dry and drab display makes your store seem old and out of touch. Glass Doctor® of Des Moines offers storefront glass care services that ensure your glass is an asset for your business, not a detriment.

Glass Storefront Repair

Emergency glass repair is a significant concern for store owners. If your glass storefront breaks in the middle of the night, it can cause safety and security issues that affect your business and your bottom line. Our emergency commercial glass team at Glass Doctor of Des Moines is available 24/7 for your repair needs.

In most cases we can repair or replace your glass in a single visit, saving your business time and money. If we cannot fix the problem, we will clean up the broken glass, secure the site and preform board up services until a suitable replacement pane becomes available.

Add Security to Security to Storefront

Your glass storefront is a window into your operation, but that means it is also a prime target for thieves. At Glass Doctor of Des Moines, we understand your need to protect your store, and the role that glass security plays in your plans.

We offer a selection of security features for your windows that add a secondary layer of protection for your store. Options include:

  • Security film: Prevents your glass from shattering into tiny pieces. Not only is it safer for your customers, but it acts as a deterrent to thieves.
  • Bullet-proofing: This high density glass can withstand the most commonly available calibers.
  • Fire resistance: Fireproof windows shield your interior from fire damage and limits how far a fire can spread.
  • Weather resistance: Tornado strength winds and torrential rains can devastate your business if the storefront glass breaks. Our glass is rated for extreme weather conditions.

Improve Storefront Design

Good storefront glass care is about more than making repairs to broken glass or replacing panes; it involves support for your glass displays from conception through maintenance. Our glass specialists are skilled at designing a door that speaks to the spirit and character of your business, while still supplying you with the practical aspects that you need.

Discover the Glass Doctor Difference

Store aesthetics are a crucial part of bringing customers into your store and making them feel welcome. With storefront glass care from our team at Glass Doctor of Des Moines, you will receive a storefront that draws eyes and customers into your store.

We custom design each storefront for individual clients. Call us today for a consultation and see the difference personalization with your company logo, hours of operation and other vital information can make in your store's appearance.