Window Repair & Replacement

Although no one wants to deal with window glass repair, experiencing breakage may actually provide you with the opportunity to complete a window glass replacement project you have been delaying. Glass Doctor® of Des Moines performs quality glass repair and glass replacement work in a professional and efficient manner. Rest assured your window replacement project will be completed to the highest professional standards in the industry. No matter your window style, or experts are sure to restore or replace it seamlessly.

Window Glass Repair Services

Emergency Window Glass Repair

Our team of professional glass specialists is available any time, any day. We know how important it is to restore the security of your home and business, so we make it a priority to quickly respond to emergency service calls. When it is possible, our glass specialists complete any window glass repair during the initial visit. If you need to window glass replacement services or require rare panes, we board up the damaged area and schedule a return visit that fits your schedule.

Specialty Window Glass Repair

Our glass specialists perform a number of window repair services. We are also knowledgeable about different panes on the market, including specialty glass found in mirrors, tables, garage doors, entry doors, cabinets, patio doors and decorative items. Before we perform any work, you will receive an estimate for our services so that there are no surprises.

Double Pane Window Repair

Our glass specialists realize the value of double pane windows and want to introduce the savings and comfort they supply to your home. Double pane windows may require repair due to a broken seal that results in condensation between the panes. Condensation often leaves an unattractive appearance on your glass surfaces and cause efficiency to plummet. Our glass specialists assess the situation and make the necessary repairs or replacements that are most suitable in the situation.

Window Glass Replacement

Homeowners hoping to increase the comfort of their abode while reducing the cost of energy consumption turn to our team for service. We will install new windows throughout your space, which will upgrade your energy efficiency. If a window requires a complete replacement, due to damage to the casing, we easily match the unit to your existing windows. When customers hope to increase their property value and comfort, our team recommends the homeowner consider insulated glass units (IGUs), such as double or triple pane windows, or low-emissivity (Low-E)panes. These windows increase a home's insulation, resulting in lower electric bills and greater comfort. To determine which type of glass best suits your home, ask our glass experts to visit you for an in-home consultation.

Additional Services

Our glass experts are knowledgeable about all aspects of window repair and window replacement services. We also know how important it is for you to protect your investment and be comfortable in your home. That is why we offer the following services and programs:

  • Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant: A single application of this specially formulated glass treatment makes your glass surfaces stain and scratch resistant. Use it on glass, granite, porcelain and tile surface to protect all of your material investments for up to five years.
  • Tint: Shield your family and your home from dangerous UVA and UVB rays.
  • Window component repair: Give us a call if you experience difficulty with opening your windows or if your locking mechanisms are broken. We restore every aspect of a window.
  • Advantage Plan®: Become part of an elite group of customers that receives priority scheduling and guarantees on every service.

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