Double Pane Windows

One of the biggest issues that Des Moines homeowners face during extreme temperatures is keeping the outside air out of their home. Improperly sealed windows will cause the temperatures, inside and out, to mix, causing fluctuations in your home. Glass Doctor® of Des Moines provides insulated glass units (IGUs) that can help balance and regulate indoor air temperature and quality.

Homes that install double pane windows, a type of insulated glass window, may still have problems with drafts if the seals of the window are broken. Trust our glass specialists to install insulated units in your home; Glass Doctor of Des Moines provides the highest quality of work and materials for your home.

Double Pane Replacementdouble pane window

Glass Doctor of Des Moines is a leader in window replacement services. Each glass specialists is fully trained to replace and renovate your home’s windows. Instead of replacing the entire window, we can fix many common damages and give you double pane windows new life and functionality by replacing just the glass. This saves you time and money and allows you to keep the existing frame of your window. Glass Doctor of Des Moines offers several insulated glass options that can increase your home’s value and improve your energy use.

Composition of Insulated Glass

Insulated glass units are made up of at least two pieces of glass. The glass is separated by a spacer; proven to help form barriers against extreme temperatures. The window is sealed with a specially designed high-grade sealant that prevents condensation from occurring between the glass panes.

At Glass Doctor of Des Moines, our glass specialists can install, replace, remove and inspect all the windows in your home. We can determine if your home’s windows need to be replaced.Schedule an in-home consultation with the glass specialists of Des Moines!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.