Door Closer Repair Service

Hard to handle doors give customers a poor first impression. Door closers provide ease of use to all those who walk through your front door, but they need proper care to keep your doors swinging freely. Glass Doctor® of Des Moines provides the expertise in door closer care to make sure opening your door is as easy as pulling the handle.

The Mechanics of a Door Closer

Manual door closers provide a spring operated mechanical assist so heavier doors are easy to open. Your guests and employees simply grasp the handle and pull, and the door closer takes over, first providing some resistance then swinging open freely. When the user lets go of the handle, the door swings shut slowly, until the spring forces the door gently back into the frame.

Installation and Adjustment

Glass Doctor of Des Moines has specialists trained in proper installation and adjustment of your mechanism, to get your door closer care off to a good start:

  • Size and type: We'll select the right spring size and type of mechanism for the weight of your door, assuring safe, smooth operations.
  • Proper installation and adjustment: We make sure your door closer is properly aligned and that the tension is properly set for the springs.

This attention to detail is critical to extending the life of your door closer and avoiding problems like doorframe damage, abnormal or unexpected door movements and bad alignment.

Maintenance and Repair

Once your closer is installed, door closer care is critical to the long life of your investment, and ease of use for your customers. Glass Doctor of Des Moines provides a high quality door closer repair and maintenance program to keep your door closer operating smoothly, with qualified repair personnel to maintain your warranty. Outside your regular maintenance, there are some signs of trouble you'll want to keep an eye out for:

  • Difficult to lock doors: Trouble with locking your doors is a problem on several levels. It creates a security issue and can damage your door, doorframe and locking mechanism. Springs need adjusting over time, and sometimes replacing, creating misalignments. Misalignments can create problems with your locks.
  • Seal repair and lubrication: The metal in your door closer will last for a long time, but seals and O-rings wear out over time, exposing the hardware and causing lubricant leaks. If you notice any oil leakage, cracks or gaps in your seals, or your door just isn't swinging like it should, give us a call.

Contact Glass Doctor of Des Moines today to get a handle on your first impression with professional door closer care.