Advance Measurement System

The proactive glass care program offered by Glass Doctor® of Des Moines provides a number of key benefits when you need them most. Our glass specialists complete all of the legwork upfront so when the time comes to replace glass, we complete the work efficiently. This approach minimizes any disruption to your business so your operations continue with minimal distraction.

Our Approach

Our Advance Measurement system begins when our glass specialists survey your site. Our specialists measure the panes for your doors, windows and other glass surfaces and products. The next step of our proactive glass care program is to complete a diagram that includes each pane and its location. We record important details, including the tint, finish and safety glass code associated with the pane. Each pane corresponds to a number on the diagram. When you need your glass replaced, a member of our team goes to your site with glass that matches the corresponding number. We also offer in-stock options for customers who have a frequently recurring need to replace glass. We pre-order the glass that you need so that we always have the correct panes on hand.

Fast and Efficient Emergency Repairs

One important benefit of our proactive glass care program is our ability to quickly respond to emergency calls. Our specialists replace your panes with one service call if your glass is in stock. If the glass you need is not in stock at the time of your call, we quickly board up the window to reestablish security of your site. Either way, the process goes much faster because we have all of the necessary information we need prior to the service call. We also set up your business account and contact information so you are not required to answer these types of questions when confronting a business crisis.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement System

Our proactive glass care program provides a number of important benefits, including:

  • Savings: One trip saves you time and money.
  • Decreased Liability: Protect your customers and employees from damage to the site.
  • Aesthetics: Avoid board-up through our Advance Measurement system and opting for in-stock options.
  • Pre-establish Credit: Eliminate potential credit conflicts.

All disaster specialists know that the best time to prepare for a disaster is before it occurs. Call our glass specialists to schedule an advance measurement inspection at your convenience.