Windshield Replacement & Repair in Columbia, SC

If your vehicle has suffered windshield damage, it can be difficult to decide whether windshield repair or replacement is the better option. It is understandably tempting to take a "better safe than sorry" attitude and have the whole windshield replaced, but this is not always necessary or appropriate.

Experts at Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC will help you make the right decision.

windsheild repair

Our specialists are expertly trained in deducing the extent of damage to a vehicle's windshield, and will offer the best professional advice and support. While taking into account the characteristics of each particular vehicle, Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC considers three factors when determining whether to repair or replace windshields:

  • Size: Any chips deeper than 3/8-inch or that span more than three inches long are often too severe to be repaired.
  • Location: Cracks around the edges of windshields or in the driver's line of sight are often too risky for repair.
  • Timespan: If windshield damage is left unattended, dirt and debris can build up to prevent a successful repair.

Our Process

At Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC, customer service is the number one priority. Our specialists always look to consider the best possible options for clients - both economically and safety-wise. Every customer is guided through the repair/replacement process, allowing them to feel comfortable and knowledgeable throughout.

As a rule, our specialists will seek to repair windshields rather than completely replace them because:

  • It's More Convenient For You: Windshield replacements must be performed at the shop, but Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC specialists perform repairs in the field in under an hour. Our mobile windshield repair services are available for your convenience and always keep in mind that our customer's time is very valuable.
  • It's Cheaper: Windshield repair is far more economical than replacing your entire windshield.
  • It Has Insurance Advantages: Many insurance companies are willing to pay for windshield repair, but may be a little more hesitant when it comes to replacement.
  • It's Safer: Repairing your windshield keeps the original factory equipment intact; meaning that the vehicle remains built around the original safety-approved material it came with.
  • It's Better For The Environment: The longer the glass remains out of landfill, the better it is for planet earth.

When windshield replacement is necessary, we will professionally remove your windshield according to industry best practices. We follow a set of procedures that involve finding the windshield model that matches the original equipment manufacturers, and placing the vehicle through a set of tests to ensure that the glass is ready to go on the road. If your new windshield is damaged within 12 months, Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC will repair or replace it completely free of charge. For more information on our 12-month warranty, visit Windshield Protection Plan.

Your Decision

A small crack in your windshield may cause no issues - but the longer you leave it, the more danger you are putting yourself and passengers in. Contact us today for the best possible advice, customer service, windshield repair and windshield replacement service. We work with all major insurance carriers, and will assist you with any formalities that need completing.

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