Custom Glass Solutions in Columbia, SC

Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC is proud to provide custom glass decor that truly elevates homes and businesses. Our glass doors, windows and other surfaces offer a myriad of security features and customization options, including panes that resist scratches, UV rays, fire, bullets, blunt force, high winds and other seasonal extremes. We make sure you and your home decor are protected, and accommodate all your preferences as we design, cut and install your household products and decorative additions.

Glass Tabletops

Colored or coated? Tempered or laminated? There are many different options to choose from when considering glass for tables. To protect yourself, children and pets from accidental damage, ask us what custom glass tabletops suit your home.

We offer a range of different surface options, including:

  • Heavy glass enforcements
  • Edge work details
  • UV-resistant tints
  • Shatter-resistant films
  • High-grade coating

Schedule an in-home consultation today! Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC will send a qualified specialist to measure your space and consult with you about your many custom glass options.

Glass Shelves

Without shelves, it's impossible to accommodate your storage needs or home decor dreams. At Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC, we train our glass specialists to perfect each and every custom installation, delivering flawless products and installing them with precision.

Custom Mirrors

Open up small spaces and brighten dark rooms with a custom mirror. Mirrors that are strategical place will reflect light back into the room, which brightens the space. We can cut your mirror to fit spaces of any size or style, and our designs range from colored glass to distinctive edge work.

Choose from the following reflective installations:

  • Hanging vanity mirrors
  • Framed picture mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall panels
  • Full-length, head-to-toe closet mirrors
  • Mirror-backed doors
  • Standard bathroom mirrors
  • Custom-cut bathroom mirrors

Mirrors make your home more inviting and add points of interest to your rooms.

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Do you want to increase your privacy and your curb appeal at the same time? Install door glass to renovate your entryway, repair your patio glass or make your indoor common areas seem more spacious.

We offer tempered glass to prevent breaks, hurricane-rated glass that resists heavy winds and energy-efficient glass that keeps your home eco-friendly. If you want to sandwich your new front door between decorative windows, we'll make sure all three installations look uniform and chic. If you prefer sliding blinds for your patio door, leave it to us to install this easy-to-use, privacy-boosting feature.

All of our door glass meets residential regulations, although we have specialty glass options that exceed them. We're committed to perfect restorations every time.

Low-E Glass Windows

Protect your home from bright glares, heat gain and sun damage with a custom glass installation. Our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass windows allow you to preserve the value and appearance of your furniture, walls and artwork. UV-resistant glass is a must for families and anyone else who wants to prevent decor discoloration.

With our custom glass window replacements and installations, you'll enjoy all the benefits of sunshine and outdoor views without overtaxing your air conditioning system or leaving your carefully curated home decor looking faded or dull.

Contact Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC today to schedule an in-home consultation and learn more about your customization options. We'll send an expert right to your house to discuss your home decor preferences, measure your layout and take a look at any existing glass installations. Contact us for more information about our custom décor options, which have benefit from our quality workmanship.