Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Columbia, SC

If you own a business with a glass storefront, glass doors or any other important glass installation, you know a little damage goes a long way. Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC, understands how the state of your glass affects your budget, property, and reputation. Depend on our team to make sure it is always pristine. We offer our exclusive Advance Measurement system, a convenient service that makes it easier to repair and replace your glass as soon as it breaks.

In-Stock Options

At Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC, we rely on our Advance Measurement system to anticipate our loyal customers' needs and make sure we're always ready to meet them. When you sign up, we send a specialist to measure every pane of glass on your property and make a diagram that marks each type and size. If you think it will break frequently or it's a standard size and shape, we'll keep it in stock at all times.

Save Time and Money

As part of our Advance Measurement system, we pre-establish your contact and payment information to avoid billing conflicts and get straight to solving your problem. If we have your glass in stock, it also allows us to make one trip instead of two or more. Your wait is shorter, you only pay for one installation and you are prepared for the unexpected.

To learn more about our Advance Measurement system and incorporate it into your business recovery plan, call us at 803-223-7712 or fill out our online service request form today.