Double Pane Window Services for Columbia

For homeowners tired of dealing with drafty windows, constant temperature changes and high energy bills, our insulated glass units (IGUs) are an excellent solution to your problems. Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC specialists are seasoned experts in replacing double pane windows.

If you already have double pane windows and condensation continues to be an ongoing issue, it may be time for an upgrade. Condensation between the panes may indicate that a seal has failed. These leaks allow outside air and moisture to creep into your home, causing water vapor to build up. Seals fail due to ongoing weather changes, poor installation, old age or the use of substandard sealant.

Insulated Glass Replacement

double pane window

Insulated glass units are engineered to help a home maintain consistent indoor air temperature and improve overall energy efficiency. During the cold winter months, IGUs work as a shield to prevent cold air from seeping into your home. When summer arrives, IGUs work well to minimize heat gain from the outside. With insulated glass, heating and A/C units will not have to work as hard to compensate for temperature fluctuations, resulting in significant reductions in your energy costs all year long.

Comprised of two pieces of glass with an insulated spacer between, IGUs are excellent at keeping any home airtight. The spacers between the panes are filled with a moisture-absorbing agent called a desiccant. The edges of each IGUs are sealed with a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation or air leaks from occurring. It’s even possible to insert specific gases like argon or krypton between the panes for better insulating qualities.

Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC has years of experience performing insulated glass window replacement for Columbia, Lexington and Rock Hill residents. To increase your window’s lifespan, it’s possible to replace panes instead of the whole unit. Repairing windows through pane replacement allows you to keep your existing frames and save money. Call to schedule an appointment with our specialists today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.