Columbia's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

Broken glass is never good for business, but when it's a door or window that needs repairs, it's impossible to protect your property from outside threats. Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC, understands how important it is to restore your security immediately, so we offer emergency business glass repair services throughout South Carolina.

Waiting for Your Call

Intruders, rain and extreme temperatures don't take days off, so our glass specialists are on call every hour of the year. We're always ready to perform emergency glass repair; so don't delay contacting our team.

Protect Your Investment

A broken window is an invitation to criminals and an eyesore for potential customers. The longer you wait to fix it, the more it will affect your brand's reputation and compromise your store's safety and security.

Insulating Your Property

When a glass window or door breaks, so does the seal that insulates your indoor space from the outside elements. Unfortunately, South Carolina isn't exactly known for its dry, cool weather. It doesn't take long for our state's famous heat, humidity and rain to damage your property or inflate your energy bill.

Speeding Up Your Repairs

Because the risks and expenses are so high, Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC, offers a couple of ways to speed up your emergency business glass repair. Our short-term solutions include overnight board-ups and expedited glass orders, but the following services help us plan ahead together.

Enroll in our convenient Advance Measurement system to make sure your glass needs are already in our system. We'll send a specialist to take measurements and create a diagram of your business, assigning a specific number to each glass pane. If one of these panes breaks, we'll pull up the dimensions to find an exact match in our inventory. If we already have your payment and contact information, it's even easier to get your repair completed.

If you register for our Commercial Care program, you'll enjoy priority response times, designated specialists, standard membership pricing and discounted emergency board-ups.

The combination of these programs ensures your business never suffers long-term glass complications.

Call us at 803-223-7712 to learn more about our emergency business glass repair services.