Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Columbia, SC

Give your dining room an instant facelift with custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor® of Columbia, SC. Our unique accent pieces are designed to make your furniture last longer, make cleaning a cinch, and create an ambiance that is second to none.

Use Our Expertise to Your Advantage

Instead of trusting someone with limited experience, work with our professionals who have been trained and have years of experience. We use our expertise to save you time and money. We provide expert measurements and fittings for existing and new custom glass tabletops. We'll guide you through each step and help you understand your options, regarding:

  • Glass tint
  • Edgework detail
  • Glass thickness

Our experts will cover all of the bases and ensure we avoid safety issues related to heavier glass installations.

Versatile Custom Glass Tabletops

Graphic of different glass edges

When it comes to how you use your custom glass tabletop, you're only limited by your imagination. Custom glass tabletops are excellent for:

  • Protecting antique furniture
  • Accentuating dining room tables
  • Smoothing out writing desks
  • Customizing conference room tables
  • Adding a new flair to coffee tables

We create unique pieces for each client, our tabletops come in a wide array of finishes, sizes and shape. Consult with one of our experts to understand which option is best for your needs.

Bolster the Protection of Your Glass

Take your custom glass tabletop to the next level with:

Create Form and Function with Custom Shelving

Our custom shelves offer unparalleled style unmatched by anything offered in stores. Nothing communicates breathtaking style like our custom glass shelves. We customize and design shelves exclusively for your home, which makes it the perfect organizational solution. Whether you need shelves for your kitchen, closet or a kids' room, we will guide you through the process and help you understand your shelving options.

Shelf Customization Options

  • Tinted glass protects your furniture from fading and block the sun's UV rays.
  • Safety glass, tempered glass and laminated glass offers rugged durability for exterior furniture, attractive patio tables, poolside pieces and other outdoor furniture.
  • Specialty glass is the ideal solution for thick shower doors.

Schedule a Consultation

Take your home decor to to the next level with custom glass tabletops and custom shelving from Glass Doctor of Columbia, SC. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation.