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Headlight Restoration & Repair

For headlights that are broken, cracked or dull, use the headlight restoration and repair experts in Charlottesville!

Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville is your source for fixes or cracked acrylic headlamp lenses for your car, truck, SUV, bus, RV or other commercial vehicle.

Overtime, harsh weather, UV rays and road debris can create significant wear and tear on your headlights. We use a special headlight lens restoration system to rid headlights of chips, nicks, cracks and lift yellowed and foggy build-up.

The system erases deep scratches, smoothes pitted surfaces, and polishes the lenses back to clarity. Headlight restoration improves the value of your vehicle while increasing your safety while driving at night.

Picture of foggy headlights before and after

Motorcycles, Aquariums & Aircraft Window Restoration

Our Restoration System uses padded polishing applicators and a specially formulated sub-micron polishing paste. Our proven methods work on a variety of applications:

  • Aviation Windows

  • Marine Windows

  • Motorcycle Windshields

  • Aquariums

  • Hockey rink enclosures

You'll appreciate the noticeable difference to your window and to your budget when you rely on our Glass Doctor of Charlottesville VA's proven methods for acrylic headlamp and windshield restoration.

Windshield Repair and Restoration

Glass Doctor of Charlottesville VA is also a leader in glass windshield repair and restoration. Our technicians have the tools and training to complete restoration work in less time and with better results. We use what's known as the "Dry Vacuum" process. During traditional glass restoration, the technician adds repair resin to the damage area and afterward extracts air after the resin has been applied. With the dry vacuum process, air is extracted before the repair resin is applied. Pressure draws the repair resin from the injector apparatus and fills the pockets where air once existed.

The result is a highly effective vacuum cycle that has a direct air-to-air exchange with the break, allowing for trapped air to be removed easier and faster. Other shops that rely on traditional methods of pulling-air-through-the-resin technology can take hours longer and don't always ensure the best results. Our glass restoration injectors are manufactured to strict specifications using high quality stainless steel raw materials.