Door Closer Repair Service

Delivering an excellent customer experience starts the moment the client walks through your doors. As a result, it's imperative their first impression is bolstered through stylish and functioning doors. Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville offers innovative manual door closer care and repair services to ensure your doors are as welcoming as your business.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers are designed to allow your guests to enter your business without having to physically close them. When the door is properly installed, the user will naturally feel a bit of resistance, which offers a sense of security. After this initial resistance, your door should smoothly glide open. Once the user stops pushing the door, the spring in the door closer causes the mechanism to gently close the door.

Door Closer Repair

Without proper maintenance a door closer will malfunction. Trust our team to discern the problem and solve it with minimal interruption to your business.

  • Wrong door closers type: Heavier doors require stronger springs. Using the wrong springs leads to safety risks, damage to the door or door closer, and misalignments.
  • Improperly adjusted and installed door closers: At Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, we specialize in using the proper tools for door closer care. This practice helps ensure your door closer stays in the best possible condition. We use industry leading practices to prevent:
    • Unexpected or abnormal door movements
    • Misalignments
    • Damage to the doorframe
  • Low oil levels and seal repairs: Broken seals will expose vulnerable hardware, cause clearance gaps and result in lubricant leaks. Most lubricant leaks are indicative of a mechanical problem with your door closer, such as failed seals, a missing screw or damaged O-rings. In any case, it's imperative to have a professional provide appropriate door closer care. Failure to do so may result in your door opening or closing too quickly, which could damage the door or even hurt someone.
  • Difficult to lock doors: Anytime you have difficulty locking your door, it poses a security risk. At the same time, it will have an adverse affect on the door closer, locking mechanism and the door frame.

Door Closer Care Services

Avoid having an untrained individual attempt to repair your door closer. In addition to creating a potentially dangerous situation, it could also void your contract. The experts at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville have received extensive training on installing, maintaining and performing door closer repair.

The best way to ensure your door closer is in safe, working condition is through our door closer repair and maintenance program. In addition to a wide range of door closer repair services, we provide a long list of services for glass repair, door frames, thresholds, hinges and other hardware.

Contact Glass Doctor of Charlottesville today to learn more about our door closer repair services.