Custom Glass Solutions

Are you looking for high quality glass accents and decor for your North Carolina home? At Glass Doctor® of Charlotte, you can find glass tabletops and shelves, mirrors, patio and French doors - all completely customizable to suit the needs of your home and lifestyle.  Our glass specialists are trained to help you choose the right glass for your home needs. 

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whether you are in the market for new furniture or are simply looking to modernize existing furniture, Glass Doctor of Charlotte will measure and cut glass for your tabletops, end tables and shelves. 

Our specialists will come to your home to take precise measurements, as well as provide you with samples you need to choose the type of edge and glass you would like to have featured in your home. We will also provide basic instruction on caring for your glass tabletops and the safety reminders attached to having a heavy piece of glass in your home.

We also offer laminate and tempered glass for households with small children. This glass is manufactured to break into rock-shaped pieces, rather than sharp shards, helping to protect your family in the event of a breakage. Coated and tinted glass is also available to help protect your furniture from fading. 

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors add dimension to a home.  Properly sized and placed, they can make a small room feel much larger and bring light into darker areas. 

Our specialists will help you pick the right mirror to fit the space you have currently in your home. We offer standard options, as well as customizable pieces. Customers are able to create a mirror from a variety of shapes, sizes and edge designs. 

Patio and French Doors

Glass Doctor of Charlotte will repair or replace the door glass in your patio and French doors. We use quality doorlites that enhance the clarity and beauty of your glass doors.  We can also install side windows that will match your glass doors, providing a streamlined appearance in your home.

Glass Inserts

We can install many different glass inserts, including:

  • Double-pane windows
  • Sliding blinds for your windows
  • Customized, decorative glass for main entry doors and identical side window panes
  • All-weather glass
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Hurricane-rated glass

We have a long-standing partnership with many glass manufacturers and companies. As a result, we have access to a huge variety of glass products.  Whatever you choose for your home can be ordered and received in stock within a short period of time.

Low-E Glass Windows

There are incredible benefits attached to having low-emissivity (Low-E) windows in your home. These windows are specially manufactured to filter out the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, reduce glare and help regulate the interior temperature of a house. They have an extremely thin coating of reflective material that causes a 10% reduction in visible light transmission. Low-emissivity glass can be used for homes and commercial buildings as well.

Since Low-E glass filters out UV rays, the interior of a home is protected from fading and damage caused by sunlight; carpet, furnishings, pictures and other decor is able to remain vibrant and in pristine condition for much longer. 

Transform the interior of your home to be customized to your style. Our custom glass solutions can expand the natural light in your home or feature exquisite glass tabletops and mirrors. Call the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlotte or fill out the online request form to schedule an in-home consultation.