Industry Glass Solutions

When you own, manage or maintain a major property, your commercial glass care needs require special attention. At Glass Doctor® of Charlotte, we understand your needs and we handle them with professionalism, quality and an emphasis on customer service. We offer a full range of interior and exterior glass care products with commercial and industrial services. Our glass specialists are available 24/7 to respond to your emergencies.

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass doors, windows and other glass decor items are essential to the architectural characteristic of modern apartment and condominium buildings. When beautiful glass features are damaged, they alter your building and increase safety issues. At Glass Doctor of Charlotte, we have the right solutions when you need them.

  • Install, upgrade and repair your residential, office, pool and workout areas 
  • Upgrade gyms, showers and locker rooms with modern glass and mirror decor
  • Recommend safety glass and mirror options that add to your property’s overall security.
  • Residents receive a fifteen percent discount on auto glass

apartment windows


As a restaurateur, you appreciate glass for its capacity to enhance the beauty and functionality of your location. Glass Doctor of Charlotte supplies products and expertise to maintain that attractiveness.

  • Repair, replace and install plate glass, windows, custom mirrors, glass tabletops and outdoor glass decor
  • Add partitions and wind-breaks
  • Upgrade existing areas with safety glass
  • Add distinctive touches with decorative glass, tinted glass and atriums.
  • Install sliding glass doors, drive-up windows, buffet guards and specialty items glass to improve the functionality, visibility and appearance of food service areas
  • Remodel existing configurations or create custom designs

Schools and Universities

School and university classrooms, offices and residential areas have a wide range of commercial glass care requirements. We provide the glass products and services you need to meet that challenge.

  • Windows, doors, laboratory workspaces
  • One-way observation office glass
  • Tabletops and desktops  
  • Glass cases, shelving and award cases
  • Fire-resistant and safety glass for building security
  • Mirrored products and decor
  • Shower enclosures, sliding doors and other glass upgrades for athletic facilities

Retail Operations

At Glass Doctor of Charlotte, we install glass doors and entryway solutions that add beauty and functionality to your retail locations.

  • Install plate glass solutions to control climate and save energy 
  • Repair and install display cases, shelving, dressing room mirrors and partitions 
  • Customize your glass choices with etching, beveling, stained-glass and a full range of custom options
  • Install bullet-resistant glass for the added safety and security 

Cities and Municipalities

When you operate a city or municipal property, your buildings are gathering places for the public and often the focus of public attention. Exterior and interior glass elements must maintain your building’s attractiveness and also handle the safety issues that arise with heavy use. Whether you are constructing a property from the ground up or remodeling an existing structure, Glass Doctor of Charlotte offers the commercial glass care solutions public buildings demand:

  • Repair, replace and remodel commercial glass panels, doors, closers and entryways
  • Improve windows with solutions that maintain your interior climate and save on energy costs 
  • Upgrade building security with safety and fire-rated glass.
  • Expedite city purchase orders and specialty glass services

Commercial Care Program

When your business requires an enhanced level of service, we recommend our Commercial Care program. It offers these benefits:

  • Priority after-hours response 
  • Discounts on emergency board-up services 
  • Commercial account set up 
  • Member pricing
  • 15% discount on auto glass services at your location

Business Glass Care Experts

Glass Doctor of Charlotte is proud to offer commercial and industrial glass care solutions that ease your concerns over glass maintenance and safety. To schedule your consultation or for more information, call 704-815-5692.