Windshield Repair and Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Charlotte offers both repair and replacement services for chipped windshields. While our skilled team can repair most chips and small cracks some larger ones do necessitate a full replacement.

To ascertain which, a member of our team will take a look at your windshield and observe the size and location of the flaw before making a final decision. Cracks longer than three inches and chips with a diameter of more than 3/8 inch are likely to require replacement.

The location and the age of the problem are also important, if the chip or crack is in your line of sight or if the crack has spread to the edge of your windshield, a replacement is more likely. Older chips and cracks require replacement because dirt and residue accumulate and make it harder to perform a clean repair.

Windshield Repair

If your cracked or chipped windshield does need a repair, you want your service as convenient as possible. When Glass Doctor of Charlotte does your repair, you can typically drive off within an hour, and because our mobile teams can visit you, you don’t need to change your busy schedule.

We also work with all major insurance carriers, and if you’re with one of these, then we should be able to handle all the paperwork for you, saving you further time.

We recommend a repair option over full replacement whenever possible as it has many advantages:

  • Highly convenient: Typical repairs are completed within an hour.
  • Inexpensive: A simple repair is quicker and less costly than a full replacement.
  • Potentially free: Many insurance companies waive your deductible when you get a repair and will pay for you to get it done.
  • Better for the environment: Avoid adding another windshield to a landfill site.

To repair your cracked or chipped windshield, a specialist will first clean the problem area of debris then fill the hole or crack with a special repair resin. Once this resin has been injected it is then cured and polished to a clean finish that will be virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Windshield Replacement

If the crack or chip in your windshield does necessitate a full replacement, Glass Doctor of Charlotte will replace it with a new one that matches the quality of the one supplied by the original manufacturer.

We will first carefully remove your original windshield, taking care to avoid damage to your paint work. We then apply an adhesive approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) and replace the windshield using AGSC-approved methods.

After just an hour spent curing, you should be able to drive away, enjoying the unobstructed vision and safety that a fully functioning windshield provides. When we replace your windshield you also get our Windshield Protection Plan, we will repair any chips or cracks you receive in the first year, completely free of charge. Additionally if it is broken or needs a full replacement, we will provide the replacement glass for free.

For more information about repairing a chip or crack in your windshield, contact the Glass Doctor of Charlotte team today.