Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Whether you have shattered glass from a storm, vandalism or any other reason, Glass Doctor® of Charlotte will help keep your home safe and secure. We offer immediate emergency window repair services for your convenience and peace of mind.

Home Emergency Services

Discovering a broken window in your home can be extremely frightening. Your possessions are no longer completely protected from the elements, especially wind and rain and your home security may be compromised, especially if the broken window is on the ground floor. 

Glass Doctor of Charlotte takes home emergency calls very seriously. We offer prompt glass repair and replacement services in Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia and surrounding areas. Since a broken window cannot be counted on to occur during normal business hours, we do provide emergency window repair around the clock.  Do not hesitate to give our glass specialists a call when you are in need, whether it happens during the day or in the middle of the night.

Our Repair Process

When we receive a phone call alerting us of a broken window in need of repair, a Glass Doctor specialist will schedule a time to arrive onsite to take precise measurements and notes. 

Since shattered glass can be a huge liability for residents of the home, we will pick up the pieces and safely dispose of the broken panes.

We will also board up the window, helping to ensure that your home is protected while we order new glass to use as a replacement. If we have a matching window of the right size in stock, a new window may be installed the same day. Throughout the process of an emergency window repair, you can be confident that Glass Doctor of Charlotte will make your home a priority, and keep you informed along the way.

When a broken window compromises your home, count on Glass Doctor of Charlotte. Call us at 704-815-5692 for our high quality emergency window repair and replacement services. We fix your panes!®