Advance Measurement System

Preparation is at the heart of the business recovery plan offered by Glass Doctor® of Charlotte. We keep your company running well during emergencies by staying on top of your building's glass needs.

Stay Ahead of Glass Emergencies

Once your business is signed up for the Glass Doctor of Charlotte business recovery plan, we'll send an advance measurement team to your facility to take careful note of all your glass. We will develop a diagram of your building and assign a number to each window and other glass pieces. Our records will indicate all details of your glass: size, shape, type and any special features such as tinting or protective coatings.

If some of your glass is a type that breaks more easily than others, opt to take advantage of our in-stock replacement program. We’ll make special note of the panes so we can always be sure to have replacement supplies on hand for you.

We do all this so we can be at your service fast in the event of a glass emergency. When any glass breaks in your building, a quick phone call is all it takes to get a Glass Doctor of Charlotte specialist speeding to your rescue, armed with everything needed to tackle your problem right away. Our advance measurement system assures our experts can get right to work upon their arrival. There will be no need for a time-consuming initial assessment and anxious trip back a warehouse for the right materials and tools.

Benefits of Staying Prepared

Staying prepared with the Glass Doctor of Charlotte business recovery plan means your business will operate smoothly in an emergency. Your customers and employees won't have to contend with boarded windows while you wait for replacement glass to arrive. Your Glass Doctor of Charlotte emergency team will restore safety and security quickly after a break, and business will be back to normal fast.

Our business recovery plan also makes payment hassle-free too. There is no need for you to worry about payment during an emergency. When your business registers for emergency recovery plan, we'll work with you to set up a line of credit. When an emergency strikes, all you have to do is call. Our team will get your glass back in good shape, and we'll send you a bill later.

Getting our advance measurement team to your business is as easy as a phone call. Don't wait for an emergency. Stay ahead of emergencies! Contact us to get signed up for the Glass Doctor of Charlotte business recovery plan today.