Window Repair & Replacement

Glass windows play important roles in your home. They influence your curb appeal and carbon footprint, ultimately keeping you comfortable and safe. However, window damage will deflate your curb appeal and inflate your carbon footprint, and broken windows also create safety and security hazards for your family. At Glass Doctor® of Burnaby , we care about the clarity and quality of your windows. If you have a broken pane or seal, we will send a specialist straight to your home with the solution to your window problem.

Our glass specialists will pay attention to every detail and accommodate all your preferences to make sure your home windows are smooth, sealed, and stylish once again. Glass Doctor of Burnaby serves homeowners. If you have window glass that needs care, take advantage of our window glass repair and replacement services.

Window Glass Repair

Broken glass doesn't always require a whole window replacement. We will board up broken windows, seal minor chips and cracks, and replace individual panes without taking apart the whole window.

Emergency Window Glass Repair

If a pane breaks overnight or during a weekend or holiday, call us immediately. We never make you wait for a solution. Our on-call specialists are always ready to come restore your seal and clean up the damage.

Double Pane Window Repair

Our specialists know exactly how to solve your double pane problems. If you notice fog between your panes or other signs that your seal is compromised, we will take apart the unit and replace any broken panes or spacers.

Specialty Glass Repair

We also repair other glass installations throughout your home, including custom surfaces and accessories. We will repair or replace your door glass to match your upgraded windows, or take a look at chips or cracks in your custom glass table, shower door, tub enclosure, mirror and more.

Window Glass Replacement

We also help homeowners upgrade their windows with innovative, eco-friendly panes and parts. Our upgrade options include the following windows made to cut down on noise, glare, temperature transfer and more. Consider each pane to decide they best type for your home:

Low-E Windows

Windows are the number one source of heat gain in homes, and thin windows will also have a freezing effect during Illinois winters. Our low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are engineered to reduce the heat and intensity of sunlight that passes through them.


At Glass Doctor of Burnaby, we encourage every homeowner to invest in insulated glass units (IGUs). These windows include double and triple pane units, which contain multiple panes and special sealants, spacers and other components to absorb outside moisture and noise.

Window Glass Protection

Our glass specialists want your windows to last, so we add a variety of protective options to all our repair and replacement services.

Glass Protectant

Our hydrophobic coating glass protectant, resists stains, scratches and grime for up to five years. It also makes your windows easier to clean, all with one coat.

Window Tints and Films

Our protective and decorative tints are available for windows and other custom glass installations. We will install a security backing on heavy-duty glass panes or tabletops, to prevent it from shattering into dangerous shards. We also add UV-resistant tints to protect you and your furniture from the effects of daily sun exposure.

Experienced Glass Professionals

Entrust every pane to our experts. Call our fill out an appointment form today!