Auto Glass & Windshield Care

Damage to your vehicle's glass is never fun, but the inconvenience and cost can be mitigated. If you've suffered a cracked or chipped windshield or even a completely shattered window, Glass Doctor® Burnaby can restore your vehicle. Our qualified specialists will perform a quality auto glass repair or replacement service and get you back to the status quo quickly.

Windshield Damage Repair

The most common type of auto glass damage is a cracked or chipped front windshield. There's nothing you can do to prevent road debris from striking the windshield, but knowing your auto glass repair options alleviates the associated stress.

Usually, Glass Doctor of Burnaby, can repair cracks up to about three inches long and chips about the size of a dime. It's important to keep the nature of glass damage in mind when judging how to handle a repair:

  • Cracks spread quickly; a small crack will soon grow into something that can't be repaired.
  • Chips also become more difficult to repair the longer they are exposed to the elements.
  • Windshield damage is a safety concern. Cracks and chips reduce the strength of the glass and allow it to shatter into jagged pieces in the event of a collision.

Call Glass Doctor of Burnaby, for a professional opinion of your glass damage. Delays can be costly and dangerous.

Windshield Replacement

If the Glass Doctor of Burnaby, specialist determines a repair isn't possible, the windshield will need to be replaced. The first step in any replacement is locating a windshield that matches the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality. We usually keep common windshields in stock, but occasionally new glass will have to be ordered. Once we have the windshield, we'll need about an hour to remove the old glass and install the new windshield. Finally, in accordance with Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) standards, the windshield adhesive must fully cure before the vehicle is driven.

Sunroof Repair

We will assess the possibility of repairing your sunroof. If we cannot we will refer you to a local dealer, who will be able to perform the substitution.

Car Windows and Quarter Glass

Window and quarter glass damage usually requires replacement. Glass Doctor of Burnaby, realizes that broken side glass is both a safety and a security risk and will respond quickly to replace the glass panel.

Rear Windshield

If your rear windshield is made from laminated glass, repairs are possible for minor damage if tended to promptly. If the glass must be replaced, we can complete the job at our shop in a carefully controlled environment.

Easy Auto Repair

No matter what auto glass damage your vehicle has suffered, count on the Glass Doctor of Burnaby, team to expertly restore it. We will fill the appropriate paperwork with your insurance carrier to ensure you receive your full benefits for the service. Make auto glass repair service easy, call our specialists or fill out our online form today!