Custom Glass Solutions

Custom glass decor is one of the best ways to add personality and beauty to your home. At Glass Doctor® of Burnaby our glass specialists will assist you with the design of custom glass tabletops, French and patio doors, mirrors and shelves. With low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, we'll even protect your home from harmful UV rays that can discolor fabrics and wood with time. No matter your style, trust our specialists to create decor to match your space.

Glass Shelves and Tabletops

We will measure, design and create custom tabletops for new or existing tables and desks in your home. Our glass specialists will cut this custom glass decor in a variety of customized sizes and shapes. We also offer several choices for finished edges. We will arrive at your home and give you a professional consultation that will cover details like edgework, glass thickness, tint and the safety issues surrounding heavy glass tabletops.

We make glass tabletops from tinted or coated glass to block UV rays that can damage furniture. And if your home has children, laminated or tempered glass will keep them safe if the tabletop breaks.

Custom Mirrors

This custom glass decor opens up your space by augmenting lighting and adding decorative appeal. Our glass specialists will work with you to choose the perfect custom mirror for your home.

Patio and French Doors

We restore and repair broken glass in French and patio doors, and we even renovate entryways. We'll install side windows and glass inserts into existing doors, including hurricane-rated laminated glass and energy-efficient glass such as double-pane windows. Our large collection of customizable all-weather glass will meet or exceed regulations. And with our extensive vendor partnerships, we will quickly receive in-stock door glass options that allow you to pick the perfect decorative touch.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity windows reduce glare from the sun, and filter out UV radiation to prevent sun damage. Low-E glass is made by treating the glass with a thin, reflective metallic coat. Despite this glass' powerful effect on UV rays, it only diminishes visible light transmission by about 10%, which leaves a great deal of natural light.

If left unchecked, UV radiation will harm your home's draperies, rugs, sofas and other furnishing, causing them to fade and age. In addition to filtering out UV rays, Low-E glass lets in sunlight while keeping out heat, which controls your home's climate and reduces energy costs. Your home will also be more comfortable, and its value will increase.

When you're ready to find the perfect custom glass decor to add to your home, contact us for a professional consultation. We'll walk you through the process of creating the decor of your dreams.