Double Pane Windows

The glass that you choose for the windows of your home is more important than you might think. When you’re inside you’re home, your windows protect you from the elements and still let you enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t let improperly sealed double pane windows spoil your view.

Homes built in Burnaby must withstand the every season of weather and varying changes in temperature. However, this fluctuation severely strains your windows' seals, affecting the units’ ability to keep the heat and cold out. Double pane windows with broken seals cause the windows to change appearances, too. Look for moisture collecting under the panes or windows that look foggy. Glass Doctor® of Burnaby will solve your window issues with insulated glass units.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Consider insulated glass units (IGUs) the greatest improvement project for your Burnaby home. Insulated glass units increase curb appeal and energy efficiency. These units’ powerful seals prevent water from seeping in and keep your home at a balanced temperature. Keeping this balance will save you money and reduce your energy footprint.

Insulated glass uses a pocket of air as an insulator between two or more panes. In between the panes of glass are spacers, which expand and contract with the temperature changes. Moisture absorbing material called desiccant fill the spacers or the spacer is made from silicone material. The air in between the panes can be filled with argon or krypton gas to maximize the insulation ability of the window. As a final preventative against moisture collecting between the windowpanes, the entire window is closed off with a high-grade sealant. This way, you know that no drafts will be coming in.

Insulated Glass Replacement in Burnaby

At Glass Doctor of Burnaby, we have glass experts that specialize in insulated glass replacements. Schedule an appointment today!