Storefront Doors

Your storefront glass is your company's window to street traffic and public marketing. If your panes are damaged, dirty or flimsy, your curb appeal could plummet along with your energy efficiency, security and customer engagement. The Glass Doctor® of Burnaby team understands the importance of having personalized, professional panes in your storefront windows and doors. Our specialists offer a variety of storefront glass care services to keep your business on top.

Storefront Door Glass Care

Our glass specialists know windows well, but they also have years of experience with commercial door glass and other door hardware components. If you want a tamper-proof front door that won't shatter on impact or lose its custom details over time, Glass Doctor of Burnaby has bulletproof, fireproof and UV-resistant panes. If you have scratched glass or a broken door closer, we have the solution for that too.

Storefront Window Repairs and Replacements

Whether you want to add a dark tint to protect your privacy or wish to install clear, clean panes to show off your wares, Glass Doctor of Burnaby will make sure your storefront windows are in the perfect shape for you. To increase your storefront presence, our glass specialists will customize your panes with branded details to attract customers. We are able to retrofit or replace any pane with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass that reduce glare, heat and UV damage to indoor products.

Storefront Glass Security Film

Your storefront doors and windows may be durable and well-insulated, but it's important to maximize your protection if you have valuable inventory and equipment. We will apply a security film to your current storefront glass, or install new glass with a security film intact. Our tear-resistant security films are designed to prevent criminal acts, weather and accidents from shattering your glass and leaving your property exposed.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Care

Broken windows and doors are bad for business, but fortunately we have around-the-clock solutions to minimize the effect of glass damage on your bottom line. If you need a repair or replacement for any broken storefront glass, call us immediately and we'll send our mobile repair unit to clean up the shards and board up the exposed opening. Our emergency glass repair specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it easier for you to get back to business as soon as possible.

At Glass Doctor of Burnaby, our storefront glass care solutions help local businesses thrive while reducing their risks and expenses. We encourage you to take advantage of our Commercial Care program to save even more time and money on your glass care services. Call us today to learn more about our storefront glass care, repair and replacement options for local businesses.