Door Closer Repair Service

Operating a commercial property, whether it involves public access or not, requires diligent attention to maintenance tasks. Glass Doctor® of Burnaby understands that the safety of the people who enter your building depends on properly functioning doors. We deliver professional door closer care service that maintains closer integrity and utility.

Door Closer Operation

Commercial doors are designed to protect your property from unauthorized access. Their increased size, weight and locking abilities provide enhanced security. However, those factors make it necessary to utilize a special closer mechanism to ensure that the door effortlessly opens and closes.

Most door closers have internal components that leverage the weight of the door, generating a lightweight feel when the door is pushed open. When released, the same hydraulic or spring-loaded component gently eases the door into its closed position. Internal component errors cause the door closer to malfunction and the door itself becomes a danger to the people who use it.

Our experienced professionals conduct door closer care and maintenance for a variety of commercial applications. Regardless of how well your door closers were originally installed, periodic attention is required to ensure that they work properly.

Door Closer Care Maintenance

Damage that is generated by a severe accident is easy to recognize. However, most problems occur from subtle abuse. The issues go undetected until they interfere with the function of the door.

Door closers are subject to daily stresses from usage and the elements, including:

  • Door being propped open incorrectly
  • Damaged seals that allow moisture to access and corrode internal parts
  • Defective materials that wear out prematurely

Often, a problem left unattended has the capability to inflict serious injury to the user from an unexpected, immediate failure that causes the door to slam very quickly. Neglected issues also contribute to continual door frame damage, creating an expensive repair situation and a security breach.

Common Door Closer Problems

Locking difficulties: When the components begin to fail, it becomes difficult to align the door for easy locking. Our door closer care service investigates lock, latch, and similar hardware issues to ensure that your property is secure.

Noticeable closer problems: Eventually, the weight of the door will influence the weakest structural element. Depending on the type of door at your commercial property, the closer may become detached, begin to leak oil, or make noise. Our specialists perform warranty approved work and door closer care on a variety of styles and types of door closer systems.

When structural damage extends beyond the closer, the repair and correction costs are significantly higher.

Reliable Care Service

Our professionals conduct door closer care as part of your business's ongoing preventative maintenance program or for emergency situations. We also perform closer installations and replacements, making it easy to orchestrate your building's security.

Contact Glass Doctor of Burnaby to arrange for your commercial door closer inspection today.