Custom Glass Solutions

Custom glass decor is a great addition to any home, it will give vintage homes a modern edge and cozy apartments more visual space. The Glass Doctor® of Brevard County team can create new pieces or refurbish antique frames with custom made mirrors. Our interior design professionals can show you ways to restore antique pieces and enhance the style of your home's current decor without breaking your bank. Count on our team to offer stylish pieces made to suit you.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

One of the most beautiful and always-in-style custom glass decors used in homes and offices are glass tabletops and shelving units. Poolside, you'll need glass that has enough weight to fit properly and with stability on existing furniture. Whether inside or out, we recommend a security film coating so if breakage occurs, the glass pieces cling to the film, reducing the risk of harm to children and pets.

Conference rooms and offices have a classic, sophisticated feel to them when your custom glass decor includes glass conference tables and desktops. Waiting rooms and lobbies can look clean and uncluttered with glass tabletops and shelves. Another benefit of custom glass shelving is that you can have it cut to your exact specifications for the height and width needed to fit your space and accommodate your collectibles and display items.

Custom Mirrors

Your custom mirrors can be framed in an existing or new frame. Frameless custom mirrors are often used in bathrooms and closets for a minimalist look and to highlight granite and other stone countertops. Be sure to check our shower door gallery for tub enclosure and shower ideas before you renovate or build new this year, we have over 30 styles from which to choose! Well-placed mirrors can give hallways the illusion of space and can utilize existing light sources to make any space appear larger and more attractive.

Patio Doors

Glass Doctor of Brevard County will replace patio and French door insets with new glass that not only looks great, it lessens cooling and heating costs. We even have some window treatments like sliding blinds that work well with double-pane windows. Decorative glass panes can not only replace but match your property's current exterior design, which can increase curb value. And of course, hurricane-rated glass that can sustain damaging winds up to 200 mph are often used in this part of the U.S.

Low-E Windows and Safety Films

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows offer safety and comfort to many homes and businesses in Brevard County. They reduce glare to computer screens and televisions, but most importantly, they filter harmful UV rays that can damage draperies, carpet, upholstery and people. They also help manage the climate inside your rooms by lowering energy loss.

Security films are trending for homes as well as commercial businesses. Forget the ugly blue bubble tints from the '90s' tinted films can now be tastefully clear or lightly tinted and they still provide the same benefits. Broken glass pieces will cling to security film and form a second barrier to damage from weather or vandals. It also protects pedestrians. Your security film can filter UV rays and lessen glare, too.

Custom Glass for Today

When you call Glass Doctor of Brevard County at 888-516-8133, we'll send our specialists to your home or office to assess ways in which custom glass decor can maximize light and add ambiance to your interior design. We're also proud of our commitment to eco-friendly solutions for Melbourne, Palm Bay, and nearby Brevard County communities. We'll examine your glass windows and doors for signs of energy loss that could save you money. Call or contact Glass Doctor of Brevard County today!