Industry Glass Solutions

Maintaining proper security and safety in a commercial property is imperative. The regulations and compliance laws regarding public and private access facilities are specific, which means that damages often require the use of industry specialists to perform repairs. Glass Doctor® of Brevard County in Melbourne, FL offers commercial glass repair that meets or exceeds industry standards. Our Commercial Care program delivers priority, on-call emergency service and professional vendor account set-up. Our specialists are experts at providing industry level glass protection, replacement, and repairs, as well as solving door closer and window latch and locking system malfunctions.

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor is here to help you whether you need assistance with windows, patio doors, sliding doors, or complete glass and mirror products. Glass Doctor can upgrade, install or repair your onsite facilities, including pool and workout areas with safety glass. Gyms, showers and locker rooms will benefit from glass and mirror options, including safety backing for mirrors. As an added bonus, residents receive a 15% discount on auto glass.

apartment windows

Regardless of the type of business facility you operate, our team can simplify your maintenance tasks and preserve the security, appearance and functionality of your commercial property. Industry glass care solutions are available for any public or private commercial building, including:

  • Restaurant and retail establishments
  • Overnight accommodations and living complexes
  • City and municipality edifices
  • Federal and state structures
  • Service professional office complexes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial retail and warehouse structures

Create an Enticing Atmosphere

Many businesses rely on attracting a large amount of foot traffic. Fine dining establishments, retail boutiques, shops and lodging accommodations utilize an appealing exterior to attract customers and create a welcoming atmosphere. Likewise, housing communities attract residents by offering stylish amenities. Our glass experts have years of industry experience creating alluring atmospheres. We install new storefront glass designs, perform etching service on door and windows, and offer energy saving solutions that protect your interior products and furnishings.

Glass customizations options allow you to furnish your commercial property with functional, attractive interior enhancements, including:

  • Custom mirrors that enlarge your interior office space.
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors that improve the look of workout rooms and clubhouse areas.
  • Made-to-order glass shelving units for creating elegant, attractive product displays.
  • Glass tabletops custom fitted to your dining tables or conference room furniture.

Residents in apartment and condominium complexes on the Commercial Care program also receive a 15% discount on auto glass repairs.

Improved Safety and Public Access Compliance

Our experts conduct commercial glass repair and replacements that improve the safety of your building. We perform warrantied work on a variety of door closer systems, preventing unexpected door failures from becoming injury lawsuits. Moreover, business and government entities that operate a public access structure are subject to specific safety regulations. Our knowledgeable professionals provide glass maintenance and care service that limits breakage and reduces the risk of injury to occupants and customers. Safety enhancements include:

  • Films and laminates that keep broken glass together, in large chunks, rather than allowing it to form thousands of shards. Safety films on interior glass display cases and other decorative items limit your liability and risk of injury.
  • Impact resistant glass improves employee safety in industrial areas and at drive-thru facilities. This type of specialty glass also improves occupant safety during severe weather and hurricane force winds by resisting projectiles.

Emergency Solutions

Our Commercial Accounts program offers membership benefits that save you time and money. It includes priority emergency service scheduling to reestablish your building's security as soon as possible, professional account set-up, and membership pricing on many services. We conduct emergency after-hours repairs, clearing the damaged area and boarding the access until a replacement item is available. However, we keep many standard commercial glass repair items on hand and are often able to conduct a complete replacement during the initial visit.

Glass Care and Energy Saving Options

In addition to ascetic and security improvements, we offer proactive glass care solutions that support your disaster recovery plans, lower your energy consumption, and increase the lifespan of your commercial assets. Energy Efficient Glass Options: Choose Low-Emissivity (Low-E) or double pane glass windows, doors, and storefronts to reduce energy loss and lower the burden on your heating and cooling units.

  • Advanced Measurement program: This innovative service assists in eliminating board-up construction with damaged glass. Our specialists create a detailed diagram of your building, labeling the glass items for easy communication. If we have the material in stock, your replacement is accomplished immediately. Members may also pre-purchase replacement glass for frequently damaged items.
  • Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant: A single application fortifies silica-based items like glass, porcelain, and granite. Our innovative substance creates a watertight barrier that prevents mineral deposits, pollutants and oils from damaging expensive surfaces.

Learn more about the commercial glass repair and maintenance services we provide by contacting Glass Doctor of Brevard County to arrange for your professional consultation today.